Starring: Michiko Jimenez, Shane Ryan

Director: Shane Ryan

Synopsis: The unofficial story of a killer who kidnaps and kills three girls is
told through the tale of his last victim.


Amateur Porn Star killer was very different then what I had expected it to
be. Judging by the title only I had visions of dead Porn stars laying
massacred on their movie sets and in their homes. Nope, totally different
idea all together. This rancid movie from director Shane Ryan will settle in
your head reminding you that there is evil everywhere and if your not
careful you might end up in a not so nice situation just like this one...or
worse. Most of the footage is of the killer and another victim with blonde
hair going at it and it seems to be the significant key to the reason why he
is what he is. Was he obsessed with her? Did he go out and get other
women in this same situation and pretend it was her he was screwing
around with so he can relive the blonde's murder over and over? Was she
the one who caused this sicko to snap? The 18 year old killer named
Brandon is cruising around in his car looking for his next victim and
happens upon the cute petite Stacy.

She makes the mistake of finding interest in what this guys all about and
gets into the car with him. He films everything, the camera is always rolling
and it's gritty jumping frames are so realistic that one might find it hard to
believe that Amateur Porn Star killer is just a movie. You will be left
unnerved by the content of this story as you watch as the shy reserved
Stacy’s temperament turns from embarrassment to fear as she realizes
she is the main player in this no win game. You can see the thought "I wish
I never got in his car!" cloud over her face several times as you can also tell
the wheels are turning in her head on how to get away, I just don't think
she knew how deep in it she was until Brandon showed her the vision of
his true neurotic self.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Crime


Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 71 minutes



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