Starring: Jay Baker, Pat Barlow, Lloyd Berry, Deborah Foreman

Directed by: Fred Walton

Story: A group of college students decide to visit a friend’s secluded island
mansion for the weekend. Little did they know this April Fool’s day would
be their last.


When John Carpenter’s Halloween hit the silver screen in 1978, horror fans
had no idea the tremendous impact this “low budget” film would have on
Hollywood (or the greed it would inspire). But it was perhaps in 1980 when
Friday the 13th splattered onto movie screens that the horror genre really
kicked into gear. It also spawned the phenomenon that has been called
“Calendar/Holiday Horror Genre”. The basic plot behind these cheaply
made, quickly cranked out films is a cliché that endures to this day:
teenagers being killed off by some homicidal menace. The “fresh twist”
these schlock makers (particularly from Canada) took was to find a holiday
or special yearly event and a catchy tagline. Just for giggles, here’s a few of
those flicks and their tags: My Bloody Valentine – “There's more than one
way to lose your heart...”

Graduation Day – “Graduating from high school has never been this
deadly…” Silent Night, Deadly Night – “You've made it through Halloween,
now try and survive Christmas!” New Year’s Evil – “This New Year's, you're
invited to a killer party...” And so on. From the beginning to the middle of
the 80’s, everyone who had an idea and a special yearly event churned out
these tales of holiday terror. With very few exceptions, the emphasis had
little to do with a plot and everything to do with the body count and gore
galore. In 1986, April Fool’s Day was one of those exceptions.

Following the formula, there are nine isolated good looking kids that, one
by one, meet an awful fate. And yes, their deaths are violent, gruesome
and blood-soaked. However, it’s the ending that would give Mr. Twist-King
M. Night Shyamalan a run for his crown. Not as bomb-dropping bizarre as
Sleepaway Camp, April Fool’s Day is worth the rent if for nothing else the
ending which was creative and original in a field of rehashed plots on
celebratory days. You will either fall in love with the ending or be pissed at
me for recommending it. Either way you’ll get a reaction from this movie!

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror, Mystery,

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 1986

Runtime: 89 minutes

Company: Hometown


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