Starring: Race Wong, Roseanne Wong, Anson Leung, Michelle Mee and Ekin

Director: Sang-hoon Ahn

Synopsis: A veteran female detective, So-Young, and her rookie assistant
are investigating a recent series of bizarre murders. All of the victims seem to
have died due to an acid unleashed inside of their bodies. As the two
detectives discover more about their case, they soon start to realize that the
recent serial killings may have something to do with a mysterious death that
occurred ten years ago in a salt house. Soon, So-Young becomes plagued by
nightmares in which the dead girl appears. And the killings continue.


That's right, we have once again watched another rehashed and rewashed
horror film brought to us by Asia. This one too is based on a Korean folklore
by the name of Arang. It tells the story of the daughter of a diplomat who
would go out with her nurse and sit and watch the night sky. One night the
nurse conspires with a servant and the man goes and rapes the young girl
and kills her by mistake. The nurse and the servant hide the body and go
back claiming the young girl was kidnapped. Every night after that, whenever
a guard would be out on duty and ghost would come out and ask for help in
finding her killers, the guard would die of fright. Finally one day there is a
guard with much more courage then the rest and the ghost comes to him
asking for help and he says he will. She tells him you will know my killer by
the red flag.

Confused by her clue, the guard starts investigating. He gets back seeing
that there have already been plans for his funeral. Everyone is of course
surprised to see his return being that every guard before him perished. The
guard asked for a list of everyone who worked there. He looks it over and
sees the name Ji Ku, which means Red Flag and demands to see the man.
The man not only confesses but also brings up that the nurse is the one who
conspired the event. The nurse and servant lead everyone to the girls body
to see that it has not decayed at all but they see that a blade was stuck in
her chest upon pulling it out her body rotted away instantly leaving only
bones. That's how the original story went; This one is a bit different.

This somewhat modern adaptation tells the story of So-young, a veteran
female detective who is assigned the murder of a young man who was found
with his body just being charcoal and she is assigned a partner, Hyun-gi.
Shortly after being assigned to the case they are assigned another where a
man is found mysteriously dead. Soon it's discovered that the men died in
the same way and that they are acquainted. They find out shortly after that
the men involved in the murder were involved in other murders 10-years
before. But of course there is little miss tricky longed haired ghost about
twenty steps ahead of our heroes. But things aren't as they seem we soon
learn. This story is pretty much like all the others. I will give it a bit of credit,
it kept me interested and if you don't pay attention you will miss a few things.

This is one of those movies you need to pay attention to. Yun-ah Song
played detective So-young, whose previous horror movie had been the awful
horror film Face. But luckily I didn't realise it was her because this movie is
actually better than Face; just not by much. There are other better Korean
folklore/fairytale adaptations. This is a movie I would much rather rent. I still
enjoyed watching it. The story like I said did keep me interested. There was a
few parts of blood and if you can suffer through a short rape scene and lots
of flash backs, you'll be okay. I wouldn't call this a gore fest, but I figure it's
worth a mention. This DVD actually has a quite a bit of special features. I was
surprised that a lot of the Tartan DVD releases don't have much, but this
one features deleted scenes, director and cast commentaries and making of

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror


Country: South Korea

Year: 2006

Runtime: 97 minutes

Studio: Tartan Asia


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