Starring: Carlee Avers, Brad Ashten, Soren Bowie, Caia Coley, Erin
Consalvi, Brent Fidler, Alethea Kutscher, Amy Lyndon

Directed by: Andy Hurst

Story: After waking up in an abandoned factory, six kidnapped terns
realize they are contestants on a reality show called "Are You Scared?"


Oh dear god why? Why did I waste my time with this? I feel so ashamed of
myself. Want to know something really funny? I knew what I was getting
myself into. I did my research, I watched the trailer. This movie had "Saw"
written all over it. That's exactly what it is, Are You Scared is a plain rip off
of the movie 'Saw'. If you're planning to steal I guess you gotta steal from
the best right? Oh well, I can't get back the time I spent on this direct to
video crap. I feel shame for even writing about the damn thing. For those
of you out there reading this review, please use it as a warning. Do me a
huge favor and stay away from this movie. If you take my advice, you'll
save both time and money. If you ever even think about giving this movie a
chance, you'll might as well throw your wallet in the garbage can right now.
Anything is better than wasting your time on this unoriginal piece of film.

In the movie a group of six adults awaken from their sleep. Puzzled as to
where they are and how they got there, the group joins together and
scans the location. They later realize that they're in an abandoned factory.
The group is then informed that they're apart of a reality TV show that
they signed up for called "Are You Scared?". The six contestants have to
proves themselves by competing in a series of tests (or as we all like to call
them, TRAPS). Each room in the factory is marked with a certain trap that
the contestants have to survive. Each game is deadly and damn near
impossible to complete without losing a life. It turns out that the man
behind the game is a criminal master mind who is looking to teach the
group a lesson. You see what I'm talking about? Those of you who are
familiar with the horror genre know that most of the direct to video movies
aren't original.

Some are just blunt rip offs, and this is just one of the many out there.
This movie however features a reality TV twist. Contestants have to go
through hell while it's being recorded. While this is going on, the police are
working to find the killer behind all of the crimes. That's where the movie
gets interesting, because its seems like the authorities in the movie figure
everything out in a matter of seconds. How such characters can be so
intelligent is beyond me. I blame it on the script, which is very poor to
begin with. When you're not listening to a line from the Saw movies you're
just shaking your head as a result of the bad dialog. Moods change in a
matter of seconds. It's painful to listen to. Even the look of the movie was
dreadful. The picture is alright, but 'Are You Scared' feels like one of those
shows you see on the Sci-Fi channel. But then again not every film can look
great, I've seen some horrible quality before.

Everything in this movie seemed awfully familiar. The plot, the music, the
characters, the dialog, none of it is original. What I did like though was the
content. Each trap in the film is hand crafted and based on each of the
contestant's fears. Not to mention each person only had one minute to
complete their task. That was pretty interesting and the gore is fairly
decent. That's about it though, the rest is a waste of time (especially the
god awful ending). This is a very bad movie. Not even the deadly traps can
save it. It's just 79 minutes of torture; painful and unrewarding torture.
Just like the traps in the movie. If I were to make a new Saw sequel, I
would use this DVD for one of the traps. Just give me some super glue,
duct tape, rope, a TV and a DVD player and I'll create the best torture
device known to mankind. If you see this in your local video store, just
pass it and rent one of the Saw movies instead.

Overall: 4/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 79 minutes

Studio: Lions Gate


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