Director: Fred Vogel

Starring: Kyle Dealman, Casey Eganey, Dan Friedman, Alexa Iris, Victoria
Jones, Aaron LaBonte, Ben LaBonte, Andy Lauer, Peter Mountain, Ann Marie
Reveruzzi, Erika Risovich, Russel A. Sagons, Randi Stubbs, Stephen Vogel,
John A. Wisniewski, Nick Yatsko.

Story: Imagine walking down the street and finding an unmarked VHS tape.
Curiosity peaked you take it home and pop it in. What starts off as two men
screwing around with a video camera quickly transforms into an ultra-realistic
torture sequence where the unidentified psychopaths tape their exploits as
they torment, and violate a woman tied to a chair. The sodomy of your morals
continues throughout the entirety of the footage, while subtly revealing the
killer’s shattered pasts via the interaction with their victims and each other.


Our country has had its fair share of monsters. Guys like Richard Ramirez, John
Gacy, Ted Bundy, Ed Gein etc. These are men that shocked us all not only with
their body counts but also with their undying sick habits. All the stories you
hear are pretty sick and brutal. Most times it's pretty fucked up to even listen
to the story. Any normal person can be a murderer. Looks certainly don't
matter, which is why a lot of us are stunned to see that most of the biggest
killers are men who don't look at all psychotic or suspicious. This is what
surprises us the most, the psychopaths are the people you least expect to kill.
Have you ever noticed that when they make a film about any of these men they
are usually watered down? You hear about their real life horror stories and by
the time you watch a movie about it you just feel cheated. Most of those films
don't show the true nature of what those men have done to their victims. If
you feel the same way I do, then you need to watch August Underground.

August Underground is an independent feature directed by Fred Vogel. August
Underground is a movie in which we follow two guys doing what they love to do
best, torture and humiliate others. Deep into their small basement is a woman
tied to a chair. Covered in blood and with something missing from her body.
Throughout the entire picture we witness firsthand what both the guys do for
fun. As one of the guys does most of the killing and torturing the other simply
records it all with a video camera. We also fallow the two men as they live in
their normal part of the day (even that is disturbing). That’s about it, the story
is plain and simple. There are many events that take place in this movie and
each of them are different. This is one of those films that will change you in
some way. I couldn't help but notice that after the film was over I just couldn't
stop thinking about it. Not only did I enjoy it but I felt bad for even liking it.

This movie is the closest thing to the true horror of what death and torture is
like. The way the film looks is what helps out the illusion. The way it was edited
was impressive. They made it look like it was being filmed on a poor quality
camera. The entire film looked blurry and of poor picture. Surprisingly it wasn't
made that way, it was edited to look like that so you get the feel or realism as
you watch it. It truthfully works and I didn't know it was edited like that until I
watched the bonus features on the DVD. As I mentioned before this movie is
the closest thing to real life horror. Not only is the acting really impressive but
the special makeup effects just blew me away. As I watched the film I just kept
asking myself what the hell am I watching. It's a movie but it feels so painfully

This movie was made to disturb you and make you feel uncomfortable. Its
mission is successful and I have never felt so dirty after watching a movie. I
enjoyed the entire thing even though most of it made me feel sick to think that
this kind of stuff happens in real life, and some of it is even worst. I found it
hard to believe that the people in this movie were actors and that they were
even acting. Everybody just seemed really into it and it's very convincing. I
enjoyed the movie and felt guilty for even liking it. Everything just impressed
me and it's a really disturbing picture. The acting is good, the gore is good and
the overall look of the movie is good. I wish that I could write more about this
film. This is one of the most impressive and messed up horror films I have ever
seen. This film shows you horror and how evil people can be. I really
recommend this movie for everyone. If you intend to watch it please have an
open mind about it. The film is disturbing and may disgust you in some way or
another, but I think it's great to watch just to get a taste of what's real.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Independent Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2001

Runtime: 70 minutes

Studio: Toe Tag Pictures

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