Starring: Ronny Cox, Bibi Besch, Paul Clemens, Don Gordon, Katherine
Moffat and John Dennis Johnston

Director: Philippe Mora

Synopsis: A child of rape Micheal is a 17-year-old boy whose parents are
trying to find his real father before he becomes the thing they fear the most


Normally I'm the type of person that tries to keep clear of 'B' looking
movies. Usually they're really dumb and not scary at all. Working at
blockbuster you really get the time to look over the movies on the shelves
and I took a chance with this one. Especially since I saw that it's apart of
MGM's Midnight Movie series. Originally released back in 1982, The Beast
Within stars Ronny Cox as Eli MacCleary whose wife Caroline (played by Bibi
Besch) was raped on their honeymoon. 17 years later their son Michael is
suddenly on the brink of death. The Doctor believes it may be genetic,
which forces Michael's parents to confront the past and find Michael's real
father. This movie is based loosely on the novel by Edward Levy and was
directed by Phillipe Mora. The film was written for the screen by Tom
Holland, who's best known for his own set of films. The Beast Within was
his first feature film script.

Holland recently directed the Masters of Horror episode We All Scream For
Ice Cream along with a list of 80's classics including Fright Night and Child's
Play. You can go ahead and assume that the screenplay for this movie is
actually good. I don't think it's any ones fault when you ask "so how did
the rapist become a crazy ass looking monster?" They do explain it, but I
guess it's just one of those movies where you will have to take it as it is. If
you keep questioning the movie, you won't be able to enjoy it. The acting
in this film is good. You watch Paul Clemens go from being a sickly teen to
a raging monster who starts killing and going through some crazy ass
changes. Which just makes me think as far as 80's visual effects go, they
aren't all that bad. You got to think of such classics as The Fly and The
Monster Squad when you watch the transformation scene in this movie.

Back in the 80's they really did take their time to just see to it that they
can get the best and most gory thing possible with the effects. Nowadays
directors just go straight to computers for everything and you just end up
being disappointed because it just looks even more fake. This movie at the
time of its release was dismissed for being a bit exploitive. By todays
standards its really not. From what I've read it's even considered to be a
cult classic like that of Killer Klowns From Outer Space (also released under
MGM's Midnight Movies banner). The DVD of course lacks a lot. The only
thing in it is the original trailer. When you look online it's hard to find any
information on the movie, but check if out if you ever get the chance.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 1982

Runtime: 98 minutes

Studio: MGM


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