Starring: Matt Hagel, Katie Johnson, Jessica Polries, Ashley Miller, Cody
Tergesen, Jared Eamon

Directed by: Sonny Fernandez

Story: Six teenagers awake only to discover that things have changed and
that they must ban together to survive a group of deadly monsters who
come out at night.


Picture yourself waking up from a nightmare, only to find out that everyone
else around you is gone. The town you live in is empty and the nightmare
you endured could never compare to what you're about to face. You're left
with a group of kids your age who have to stand together to fight demons
from hell. Your journey along the way is cruel, painful and unpleasant. The
feeling of misery and pain grabs you by the throat and you're left feeling like
you've made the wrong choice. As human beings we all get this feeling from
time to time. Sometimes from watching a bad movie, or eating a nasty piece
of cheese that grumbles deep in your stomach. It would appear that I have
done both, at the same time, on an empty stomach. For those of you
reading this review that are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, I'm
talking about a little to no budget film called Bleed. I say little to no budget
with great passion. Movies are made everyday by groups of hard working
individuals, and this movie is proof of that. This goes to show you that
Hollywood isn't the only city that makes movies. I'll bet you that I could make
a movie right now, in my backyard!

In the movie Bleed we follow six teenagers who awake from their sleep to get
dressed and walk out in the night. They meet up confused on a desolate
street corner, wondering how they could have all been sleepwalking. With no
idea how they got there, they all decide to go back home so they can get
some rest for school the next morning. On their way back they realize that
there are weird beings loose in the town. Demon like creatures with horns
and tails are roaming the city at night. The kids are soon chased into a
garage and when they awake the next morning they find that the town is
empty. No adults, no kids, no police to help them. Being confused as to
whats going on they head to the police station only to find it abandoned. The
kids then try to drive out of town in hopes to find others, or just a way out.
Sadly they figure out that they are stuck in this deserted town, all the paths
they take only lead them to where they first began. For the remainder of their
journey the kids board up a house and stay safe until they find a way out of
this situation.

The biggest surprise about Bleed is that it has a plot that goes way beyond
your standard low budget film. I say this because I'm so used to watching
these movies low budget movies and I haven't really seen a driven story such
as this one in it. Now that I've seen so many I'm more focused on them than
ever before and I notice things that others cant. The story is very big and
enjoyable. If you could stretch out Bleed into a television series on the Sci-Fi
Channel, it could work. The story is great and the characters are well fitted.
The rest of it just needs work. Bleed has to be one of the LOWEST budgeted
films I have ever seen. I say that with complete honesty, it's very obvious
from the start and as you go along you'll see all the faults. There's no way to
hide anything, you'll get to see how every gag and trick is done just by
watching the entire thing. I'm used to low budget films so I can't complain
about the money issue. You don't need millions of dollars to make a
masterpiece. This movie however is far from being just that.

During the opening credits we are treated with a small nightmarish scene that
looks and feels like an underground music video. Featuring a dark musical
score with some dance beats thrown in the mix (I kid you not). As I
mentioned early on in my review you don't need a huge wad of cash to make
a good movie. Bleed however suffers from the budget. There are a lot of
scenes in the movie that take place at night (thats when all the creatures
come out) and it would appear that the movie has natural lighting. It's way
too dark, luckily the street lights help to provide a sense of vision for you to
see all the actors during the night sequences. The acting is fair and hard to
watch sometimes. You wont find any award winning performances here. Early
on we are treated to some good "Carpenter" like jolt scares that would easily
get to an audience during a midnight movie showing. This movie has that
very potential, I can easily picture myself in a run down movie theatre
watching this with other die hard horror movie fans.

The flaws are within the budget and editing, but thats just what you would
expect out of a movie like this. I can't take this movie seriously. I tried from
the beginning, but you'll have to wait until the second half to be able to
ignore the mistakes. The first half of the movie is choppy and lost. The
editing is really confusing and there are way too many nightmarish music
video like flash backs. The color changes get pretty irritating and it's all too
choppy. But hey that's just me, I'm sure others will feel differently. If this
movie is supposed to take itself seriously then I don't see it going too far.
It's made from scratch and it definitely shows. With all that said I really don't
know what else to say. The most you'll get from Bleed is a great story and a
truck load of F-bombs. The rest of it is a mess. I'm sure that a lot of hard
work and effort was put into this film. Give this a higher budget and better
editing then you could have a future cult classic on your hands.

Overall: 4/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA



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