Starring: Fia Alverez, Dan Wilcox, Tom Shoemaker, Jacob Wolf, Ashley Hanna,
Emma Manion, Scott Neagle, Ben Pawlik, Julianne Smolinski

Directed by: Tanner Barklow, Jefferson Craig, & Thomas Hughes

Story: Six teenagers faces the music at Camp Blood.


I have never seen anything like this before in my life. I'm used to seeing low
budget movies and I just so happen to like musicals. But I've never seen a low
budget 'horror' musical before. This is a first for me, perhaps there aren't that
many out there. I have to tip my hat off to the cast and crew behind this
project. Not only did they come up with something different, they also came up
with a fun short that has been marked into my brain. This isn't something that
you can brush off after a first viewing. To my knowledge Camp Blood: The
Musical was written in eight hours back in March of 2005. It had a budget over
200 dollars, which went mostly to t-shirts and beer. The songs were recorded
in one day and the video itself was shot in less than two. It goes to show you
that you don't need to have the big bucks or best of equipment to come up
with something enjoyable. Camp Blood: The Musical is just that, enjoyable.
Although it's not perfect it has it's fair share of laughs and good music.
Perhaps this could be the start of a new horror trend. Who wouldn't want to
see their favorite classics turned into Broadway shows? Actually now that I
think about it, that would be very weird.

In the movie we follow a group of teenagers who are about to spend their
summer over at camp blood. The kids wear the same yellow colored t-shirts
preparing for whats going to be their last summer vacation. Alright, let me stop
myself there for a second. I can't really explain the plot, so I'm not going to
waste time by trying to give out every single detail about the story. To be
honest it's really simple. Just read the title, it should explain everything. All you
need to know is that there are a group teens who are slowly being killed off by
a mysterious person. Just think of every 80's horror movie cliché and you get
the idea behind Camp Blood: The Musical. The teens drink, do drugs and get
killed off. It's all very simple, but from the title you know there's added twist;
MUSIC! The kids are happy, they sing songs, they fool around and then they
get killed off. The formula isn't that different. It's a musical, and a damn fine
one at that. Camp Blood is a half an hour long movie that pokes fun at the
slasher genre. The setting is really nice, it's all filmed on location. It's campy to
say the least, but the setting makes it realistic. It's all natural, no additional
lighting or sound equipment was employed. It was all filmed as it was. The
movie is a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun, there is so much to enjoy about Camp Blood the Musical. For
starters, the music itself is good. The songs are catchy, the lyrics are funny
and they all make complete sense. Well maybe except the love tracks, I didn't
get those at all. Some of the songs are tacky but funny as hell. I loved the
lyrics a lot and they really did fit the situation. There are just some scenes in
the movie that feel out of place. One minute you're watching a horror spoof,
the next you're watching a low budget romance. The love songs were nice but
they slowed down the pace of the movie. I can't complain too much about that
anyway. The movie runs at a good thirty minutes, I think. So most of the
movie goes by really quickly. The movie is as straight forward as it can get. You
wont get any back stories on the characters. The movie focuses greatly on the
current situation. There are death scenes, the blood is visible and it's all fun to
watch. The movie plays around with characters and clichés. If you're familiar
with the 80's slasher films then you'll get this movie right away.

I think I've said about enough. Sorry to make this review short but I really
don't have much to say when it comes to Camp Blood the Musical. I enjoyed it,
I thought the idea of it was funny from the start. It's a fun watch I'll give it
that, but it's something I only need to see once. Everybody needs to see this,
it's not the "greatest movie of all time" but it's a lot of fun trust me. It's low
budget but it doesn't suffer from the lack of funds. I'm sure that this wasn't
made to knock our socks off. Camp Blood The Musical is an enjoyable short
movie that has plenty of laughs and good tunes. I give credit to everyone
involved with the making of it, especially the actors. They sing and dance on
film, you gotta give them credit for it. I would love to see this as a full feature.
Perhaps we will, the future can hold many things. There is plenty of room for
movies like this. We don't see too many of these often. You would think that
the budget and idea for Camp Blood would be dull or unpleasant. That's not
the case at all, this is a fun movie overall. I mean c'mon, a horror musical? Who
wouldn't pay to see that?

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Comedy, Horror,


Country: USA

Year: 2006



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