Starring: Hugo Armstrong, Tiffany Baker, Jeff Coatney, Charlie Finelli, Audrey

Directed by: Vince Di Meglio

Story: After witnessing the brutal assassination of presidential candidate
Francis Mohan, a young married couple are taken to a safe house miles from
civilization. The Anderson's bodyguard escorts the couple to safety through a
dark and stormy night, trying his best to assure the frightened newlyweds they
have nothing to fear while he's on watch. But upon their arrival at the safe
house, the trio is shocked to find it abandoned and their stay takes a sudden
turn for the worse. Simmons begins undergoing dark and unsettling changes
to his personality.


This film is also known as "The Damned" and is directed by Vince Di Meglio, who
also directed the low-budget horror flick Deadfall, and did some visual effects
for my favorite movie of ALL time 'Daredevil'. That was called sarcasm ladies
and gentleman. The story begins with a presidential candidate being
assassinated, and young married couple Edward (Charlie Finelli) and Alice
(Tiffany Baker) being witnesses to the crime, are escorted off to a remote
location where they will be staying until the trial begins. They are escorted by
agent and bodyguard George Simmons (Hugo Armstrong), who promises the
house they will be staying in will be fully furnished and have top notch
amenities. They arrive and find the house is bare. It's raining cats and dogs
outside, and agent Simmons goes to see if he can get a signal on his cell
phone. On his way out, he gets possessed by the ghost of a  man who
slaughtered his half brother, his wife, and her daughter about fifty years ago.

So Simmons starts acting a little funny, Alice is seeing visions of the little girl
and her mother, and Edward thinks his wife’s imagining the whole thing and
he's really pissed off she refuses to abort her baby because he's not ready to
be a father. There are some creepy moments in this film, and the acting is
pretty decent. It's a tad bit slow, and feels more like a Lifetime Original Movie
than a horror film. The visual effects are over the top for such a low budget,
and may have slid by as believable if they cut down on the theatrics. If you're
looking for a "Christmas themed" horror film, this isn't your movie. It may be
called 'Christmas Nightmare' and may be on and around Christmas, but it really
feels like April showers as we're graced with night scenes of horrible thunder
and lightening and during the day it is sunny as can be.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2001

Runtime: 95 minutes

Studio: American Film


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