Director:  Rolfe Kanefsky

Starring: Jeff Fahey, Tiffany Shepis, Stephen W. Williams, Stephen Williams,
Robert Donovan, Melinda Bonini, Chris Kaniffe.

Story: A mortician at a funeral home finds a way to bring back the dead for an
hour at a time to do his dirty work. The town's chief of police (Fahey), gets
suspicious and tries to get to the bottom of the mysterious and brutal deaths
and events happening in the small town before too many people die.


After watching this movie I read a few user reviews on Netflix and
Most if not all (and I'm talking about half a dozen reviews) gave this movie a
one star rating. Just for fun I'll pick out a direct quote from one of the reviews:
"The plot = horrible, the acting = even worse, the special effects = come on
it's the 21st century! Jeff Fahey may not be 'Oscar' winning material, but who
would have thought he would be this desperate!!!"

I'm going to challenge each of these statements. First off: "The plot =
First off, this reviewer can't remember how to spell equals, nor can he
complete a sentence so he decided to press the super cool '=' button that
comes equipped with every modern keyboard. The plot isn't entirely original,
this is true, but all of us being horror fans here, can we really get enough of
zombies? No question. Moving on.
"the acting = even worse." Um, no. The
acting was perfect and the characters were well cast. Even the naked ex-drug
addict zombie was fantastic and that's saying a lot.

"the special effects = come on it's the 21st century!!" When you're not a
quote unquote established movie director like Rolfe Kanefsky (although he's
made one of my personal favorites 'The Hazing' also starring Tiffany Shepis)
you don't exactly have the luxury of being handed a gigantic budget as for
example, someone like Michael Bay. This is only because most people would
rather see huge CG explosions while feeling up their girlfriends in the theatre
than actually having to appreciate something that's clever and comes from a
true love of a genre.

"Jeff Fahey may not be 'Oscar' winning material, but who would have thought
he would be this desperate!!!"
What does this mean? Do I really need to
review Fahey's career prior to his alleged desperation? I've never really liked
watching the guy. I always thought he was a really creepy version of Peter
Gallagher. It's got to be the eyebrows. However, I really enjoyed his role in
Corpses. It was the first time I thought he showed any personality.

Aside from the reviews, I have to say I was beyond entertained watching this
movie. It was very reminiscent of "Return of the Living Dead," and paid
homage to many horror/comedy classics before it's time. I found it to be
unique in a way that the zombies acted in violence only because it was the only
way they felt they would get their serum from their creator to stay alive.

The script was really fantastic and witty. There's so many great one liners I
can't remember them all, and I'm sure it'll only be possible with repeat
viewings. Tiffany Shepis is still in my opinion one of the most talented low
budget actresses in the industry. She always remains incredibly believable no
matter how outlandish her roles may be. Corpses is worth checking out if
you're a fan of the drive-in/zombie/horror/comedy. It's simply worth checking
out if you have a sense of humor.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2004

Runtime: 90 minutes

Studio: York Home Video


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