Starring: Stuart Brazell, Elizabeth Di Prinzio, jade Taylor, Sarah Mackay,
Jaimi Paige, Leesel Boulware, Erika Smith

Directors: Richard Poce

Synopsis: n/a


Crimson was a well needed surprise of a vampire flick that I actually
enjoyed. These nursing students like to party. Whether it be downing
booze or having a pill popping addiction from's on! Their sorority
house is fully stocked with liquor to fuel the heated screaming matches
they always have with their old decrepit neighbor who listens to every
noise they make except for when they really need him to help them out
during a crazy bloody situation. Sammie and Rosa are on the run from a
lecherous bunch of cult members that all suffer from a disease that
renders them with nice sharp fangs and an appetite of a vampire.
Sammie is wanted by the police for the murders of a few cult members
with the old stake thru the heart but do you think the cops are going to
believe her story? Or believe in vampires at that, so now Poor Sammie is
labeled a serial killer in their eyes.

Rachael is a lead hunter and is on the hunt for them, determined to
change them before they escape and are never heard from again. As
Rosa and Sammie sit in the woods huddled by the fire they talk of how
their lives must change now that they are on the run. Out of nowhere
Rachael appears and attacks Rosa while Sammie barely gets away and
passes out alone and in the dark. Carla, Jody, and the others are
drunkenly walking home when they someone in pain so they follow the
sound. When the girls find her lying in her own blood after the vicious
attack from someone or something, their maternal nurse instincts kick in
and they refuse to just leave her there. They have no inkling to what is
about to befall them for taking in this stray. Jody is a trip while she
withdrawals from her pills she spends most time running to the
bathroom spilling up her guts. Crimson is a 100% worth the watch!

Overall: 6/10
Genres:  Horror





Studio: Poce Pictures

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