Cast: Paul Kratka, Chiko Mendez, Marlene Villafane, Brandon Hannan,
Paula Kaiser, Mayank Saxena.

Director: Scott Goldberg

Story: The walking dead have risen from their cold graves as survivors
try to find a place to hide out, while running into two crazy ex-military
officers whom believe it's their duty to lock them up.


Zombie films, who doesn't love them? Just recently I got to check out
yet another independent short film. This time around I got to watch a
zombie short called The Day They Came Back. Directed by Scott
Goldberg, the Day They Came Back tells the story of young survivors
who try to find a safe place while their town is in chaos with the undead
filling the streets eating off the flesh of civilians. The kids run into a
couple of ex-military officers who keep them safe by locking them up in
an old burnt down research facility. A facility which was secretly used for
DNA mutation and other different experiments.

I can honestly say that this was a good movie. I've seen dozens of
zombie films and this movie made me appreciate them even more. I liked
the introduction a lot and I also enjoyed all the different characters. This
film was well written and it definitely shows on screen. Chiko Mendez
plays the role of Sgt. Enrique Hernandez, who is one of the main
characters and my personal favorite. It was also great to see Friday the
13th alumni Paul Kratka as one the characters. I really thought his acting
was great and he had such a great presence in this film. I really didn't
have a problem with the acting, I know how things can turn out with
films like this so I never expect the acting to be top notch.

This is a pretty straight forward film. Since it is a short movie everything
may seem to be a little rushed. You get some back story in the beginning
and learn more about some of the characters as the film progresses. The
entire film felt like one giant survival horror video game, and I liked every
single minute of it. But man I just wish that it would've been longer. I
enjoyed the characters so much and it would be great to get to know
them more on a personal level while they're trying to survive this
hellacious event. I’m sure many of you readers out there can agree with
me that having blood and gore on a film like this is always plus. Well this
film does have its gory moments.

Much like the numerous zombie films out there this one has some good
blood and gore. There's flesh eating, head shots, torn of limbs and all
that other good stuff. Overall I enjoyed the movie but man did it leave
me hungry for more. I enjoyed the characters and I loved the ending the
most. I thought the last scene was a perfect way to end it. The acting is
good, the music is nice and its entertaining all the way through. Its a
good movie for its budget and amount of time. I wish to see more short
films like this one. The Day They Came Back is a pretty good watch,
especially if you love zombie films.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Independent Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 22 minutes

Studio: Scott Goldberg

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Review done by: Nightmare Child
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