Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 89 minutes

Studio: Mindfire


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Review done by: Gruesome Griffon
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Starring: Dean Cain, Guy Torry, Armin Shimerman, John Billingsley, Susan
Ward, Colleen Camp, Greg Collins, Ellie Cornell

Directed by: Patrick Dinhut

Synopsis: Lt. Bobby Quinn leads a recon mission into the jungles of
Cambodia. Unfortunately, his mission of mercy to rescue scientists gets
him killed. Days later, he wakes up on an autopsy table in a secluded army
base. What brought him back to life and why does he have an unnatural
craving for raw flesh?


It's safe to say that original movies produced by the Sci-Fi Channel are hit
and miss at best. And when it comes to horror, they’re mostly miss. I am
glad to report Dead And Deader is not part of the majority. Although this
flick is helmed by director-for-hire Patrick Dinhut, the real heart of this flick
comes from writers Mark Altman (Free Enterprise, House of the Dead) and
prolific TV writer Steven Kriozere. This tag team creates a fast-paced story
that relies more on mining the horror and humor than the why’s and
wherefore’s that frequently bog down current low budget genre films. The
actors are not the card board stand ups you often find in Sci-Fi Channel
movies. The characters deliver believable dialogue that constantly winks to
fans who geek out over zombie flicks (like me). I can’t imagine how the
broadcast version was presented, but the DVD release is served with an
ample dose of inventive splatter-iffic effects from our beloved boys of KNB.

When the main plan is formulated, we get to watch the characters lure the
undead into the trap with a skillet of raw meet while chanting “Here zombie,
zombie, zombie!”. There’s even a jab at Dean Cain’s former TV persona
when a character asks him to use his heat vision. One of my favorite parts
is when the two leads return to the army base to wipe out the legion of the
undead. As they carefully make their way through the carnage, they have a
spirited debate about the original Dawn Of The Dead versus the re-make.
Genius. Dead And Deader is an entertaining 89-minute ride that delivers.
This is a flick well worth the rental for gruesome effects and great banter.
Its nice to know the Sci-Fi Channel can make quality horror productions; I
was beginning to worry.

Overall: 7/10
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