Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2004

Runtime: 91 minutes

Studio: Silver Nitrate


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Starring: Henry Thomas, Patrick Fugit, Nicki Aycox, Michael Shannon, Muse

Directed by: Alex Turner (II)

Synopsis: A group of Confederate soldiers who hole up in an abandoned
plantation after robbing a bank, and find themselves at the mercy of
supernatural forces.


Dead Birds was one of those small gems that I had bought to watch in the
less then ten dollar bin at Hollywood Video. People flocking around the bin
that were movie junkies like myself, I found my mind wandering towards
the imagery of a flock of birds fighting over pieces of bread, biding for our
trophy's. The one movie however that caught my eye, was what appeared
to be a horror movie with a very western cover (a movie the rest of my
flock of birds avoided). Turning the cover around, and around in my hand I
had come to the conclusion this was going to be the run of the mill, b-
rated movie, that was going to be a disappointment. I could have never
been more wrong about a horror movie in my life, being a fan of much
older horror films and enjoying the slow plot development, how the musky,
dark scenery, terrific acting, and the truly freighted look portrayed by the
actors, set you up for the jump of the next scare.

Fantastic and refreshing twist on the barrage of movies I had watched over
the past few months, I was very pleased. Movie itself takes place in 1863,
to catch you up on the run of events in 1863 the Civil War was in
progress, The Battle of Chattanooga, and the very famous Gettysburg
Address was given by President Lincoln in November of 1863. Dead Birds
proves to give you a certain feel from the Confederate Soldiers point of
view, or at least William (Henry Thomas,) and his gang of confederate
Soldiers prospective as runaway soldiers in 1863. With the help of a slave,
and confederate nurse; they stage a bank robbery and find themselves in
possession of a fortune in gold, the robbery does not go over as smooth
as they expected, with a injury to Williams brother, the small group makes
their way to Mexico but take refuge in a deserted house on a plantation. In
do time each one of Williams cohort’s come into grisly visions of what
actually occurred at this desolate-old house.

Visions include demonic black arts that show a evolving story of the family
that use to live at the house, and a father that will stop at nothing to get
his wife back. Plenty of gore is evident throughout this scare ride, especially
when this original story finally comes to a conclusion and you find through
the small gangs trifles in the house over the gold, robbing the bank, fleeing
a war they no longer wanted to be part of, they end up fighting an eternal
struggle they had never bargained for. A battle that a father years ago
started, and a curse that was laid on anyone whom entered their house, a
curse his family had to endure to bring his wife back, anyone who enters
this decrepit-plantation house finds; they are exactly what this desperate,
haunting father had turned on his very own flesh and blood.

Overall: 8/10
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