Starring: Adriel Joy, Kristin Burke, David Zahedian, Jon Carlo Alvarez

Directed by: Michelle Fatale

Story: Four college kids venture out into the middle of the woods to a isolated
cabin for their summer vacation. When Jane starts getting frightening phone
calls, their weekend of fun takes a grizzly turn.


For millennia women have left their mark on the world, changing the course of
history and influencing small but significant spheres of life. We've heard the talk
about how women couldn't vote back in the old days. They were thought out
more to be house wives, preparing food and doing everything else their man tells
them to do. Well times have changed since then. Today women can do pretty
much anything. They can vote, work and take care of themselves. Making choices
everyday to help build for their future. The movie I'm reviewing is a feature
produced, written and directed by Michelle Fatale. You hear that? A chick made a
horror flick, who would have thought it was possible. I mean how often do we get
to hear that? The thought of them making gory and violent pictures should be
enough to put a smile on any die hard fan boy. Michelle Fatale's Dead Line is a 30
minute short film with a good cast, great script and a straight forward plot.

The movie is about a group of four college kids who venture out into the middle
of the woods. They stay in an isolated cabin for their summer vacation. Hoping to
eat, drink and have a good time. When Jane starts getting frightening phone
calls, their weekend of fun turns into a blood bath. Oh the glory of independent
film making. To create a piece of cynical art with a low budget and a goal to
entertain. When you're independent there are no major studios breathing down
your necks and no rating boards telling you what to cut out. This truly is the
beauty of independent film making. The freedom of having to work with what you
got and trying your very best to put out something everyone else could enjoy. If
you can't find it at your local theatre then you have to dig deeper, like the video
store closest to your home. If you want to see something fun I really recommend
checking out the b rated material. While we're on that subject, lets talk about the
movie on the spotlight. If I were to sum up Dead Line in a sentence I would have
to say a fun and enjoyable B movie.

It's a straight forward story with a small cast of characters. By count there are
only four characters in the entire film, unless you count the mother and father in
the flashbacks. As the plot reads it's about a group of kids who stay in a cabin
for their summer vacation. If you're familiar with these kind of movies then you'll
guess that some of these characters are up to no good. Jane (played by Adriel
Joy) is the mysterious one in the bunch. She's pretty quiet compared to the
others and she's the main focus of the story. Jane is the character in the film who
begins to have flashbacks and receive strange phone calls. Glen (played by David
Zahedien) is her boyfriend, who is a calm and laid back individual. Nikki (played by
Kristen Burke) is the second female lead. Unlike her friend Jane she's more out
going and isn't too worried about what's happening around her. Andrew (played
by Jon Carlo Alvarez) is the classic horror movie character. He's funny, horny and
an all around entertaining guy. Although the story is unoriginal the writing was
very well done. I loved the dialog in the movie, everything seemed to fit well with
the characters.

The look of the film is great and I liked the death scenes. Most of all I enjoyed the
small bit of juicy gore near the end. The funny thing about Dead Line is that it's a
35 minute short, but feels much longer. When it's all over you'll feel as if you
watched a full length feature. Dead Line doesn't feel at all like a short movie and
with the really cool bonus features it's definitely worth owning. Sure it's not
original but that's just how it's supposed to be. Just a straight forward horror
flick with cool characters and some nice gore. Watch Dead Line for the fun, not
the art. It's really predictable so you won't have a hard time figuring out how it's
going to turn out. Dead Line is the kind of movie a horror fan would enjoy
watching. If you have a heart for low budget independent film then this is
something you could really appreciate. A lot of hard work went into this and it's
definitely one of the better indie films out there. You see kids, this is what
happens when you let women make horror movies!

Dead Line is exactly what it's made out to be, a fun and straight forward B movie.
The story isn't original and the acting is hard to watch in parts. Other than that
the movie is fun the rest of the way. What I liked about Dead Line is that it's not
trying to copy other movies, but pay homage. While watching this you can tell
that a fan of the genre made it. The dialog is great and the characters are in a
league of their own. You don't have to ignore the faults to be able to enjoy Dead
Line. Just stick with the characters and the story, if you do that then you'll be
fine. My best advice is to look past some of the acting and let the story unfold.
The movie as a whole is pretty good and luckily the DVD has some great
features. The bonus features in Dead Line pack a funny punch to the gut. The
disc contains behind the scenes and a gag reel, which by the way is very hilarious.
I haven't laughed so hard watching bonus material in a long time. You can tell
that the cast and crew had a good time making the movie. With that said, the
rest is just up to you. Dead Line is a movie that fans of the genre can appreciate.
Despite the little flaws I had a fun time watching it. It's a well made independent
movie that deserves attention.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2004

Runtime: 35 minutes



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