Starring: Kevin Strange, Joshitsuo Montoya, Zae, Katie Deerest, Nick Head

Directed by: Kevin Strange

Story: Two stoners find themselves surrounded by a zombie infestation,
but the undead are only the beginning as the demons of Hell are
unleashed. Can these cannabis commandos save the world before their
stash runs out?


From the opening sequence of this Hack Movies offering one thing is clear:
this ain’t no Hollywood film. Then again, it never tries to be. Best buds
(hey! A drug culture pun) Nixon and Hogan are just rolling zeppelins on the
front porch when they notice the dead have risen and are stumbling
around in their neighborhood. These 8 Mile rejects put their white trash
brains together and still come up 2 brains short. With a +10 shovel and +8
rake in hand, the boys set to the task of cleaning up Strangeville from the
zombie menace. But why does Nixon’s rake only get a +8? As explained by
Hogan, a plastic rake can’t lacerate a mutha fucka like a metal shovel can.
Hence, the logic behind the +8 ranking. Now, if you found that funny, then
you’ll love the rest of this no-budget flick. You’ll have to suspend (or
enhance) a major portion of reality once the film gets rolling (pun intended).

Be prepared to watch our fully blazed homies fight half-painted zombies
that shoot gallons of Kayro syrup blood as generous amounts of red food
dyed toilet paper wads substitute for viscera. To be blunt (yes, another
pun intended), the special effects are pathetic, the acting is below
community theater and the script is little more than a blueprint to see how
may times the F bomb can be dropped. Dead Shit is juvenile, idiotic, crude
and so cheaply filmed that your home movies probably look better.  That
said, I liked the flick. Too many times we get stuck on the filmic value
imposed by Hollywood standards and miss the reason why we watch
movies. We watch movies to take us away from the mundane world where
we live and work. We want to have a reaction to what the screen shows us
in the safety of our homes.

The true quality of a good movie is it’s ability to make you react regardless
if it is in anger or enjoyment. Hack Movies may be filmed on a budget
financed from food stamps and pocket change, but the lack of money
didn't stop Kevin Strange and crew from doing what 90% of internet
fanboy haters and film snobs have never done: make a movie. If you really
want to indulge yourself in the world of Hack Movies, I would suggest
giving Dream Reaper a look over Dead Shit as Dream Reaper is a much
better effort than the adventures of Nixon & Hogan. However, this is only
part 1 of a supposed series, so it only has the potential of getting better.
Although it is a no budget flick, let’s just hope someone teaches these
characters how to roll fatties for the next film. And for Jah’s sake, tell the
F/X person to have the zombie make-up go past the ears.

Overall: 4/10
Genres: Comedy, Horror


Country: USA

Year: 2007


Studio: Hack Movies
Online since: February 20th, 2006
Hosted by: Yahoo!
Review done by: Gruesome Griffon
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