Starring: Sascha Knopf, Aaron MacPherson, Iyari Limon, P.J. Soles, Christa
Campbell, Ryan Hansen

Director: Philip Creager

Synopsis: A cursed ring bounces through an ensemble of desperate-to-be
married young women, bringing brutal deaths to all who wear it.


Penny Orcutt, the Producer of the quirky horror film "Death By
Engagement" should be proud of all of the achievements they have
accomplished with this film. It is an original storyline that as far as I know
of, hasn't been done before which is a giant plus in my little black horror
book! A ring that drives someone to kill anyone that touches it's
remarkable appearance seems like a pretty cool idea. The story is about
how a man with a extreme anger management problem who gets stiffed at
the altar by his beautiful bride. At the last minute she finally gets the nerve
to take off and skip the wedding fearing for her future safety in the
relationship. As her and her brides maid haul ass out of the church parking
lot, they nervously chat about what he would do to her if he caught her
after pulling this impulsive stunt.

Spencer catches up with them and breaks his way into the car like the
madman he is and makes minced meat out of both of them. Spencer was
close to getting his ring back, but a cops slimy circumstances disable him
from doing so, the ring is an heirloom that was passed down 4th
generations from his father's mother which was then eventually passed
down to him. "P.J. Soles" (Halloween) plays, Spencer's mother Mrs.
Starkington whose undying love for her neurotic son Spencer is almost
creepy, but we all know a mothers love runs deep and it takes a lot before
a mom will believe the worst about her only little boy who grew up to be a
lunatic. It was weird seeing her be in such a stiff role since I am used to her
usual bubbly self. She played it well. As the expensive impressive ring
comically lands from finger to finger on these lovely ladies, the wrath of
"Spencer is awakened and each one is murdered in attempts to retrieve the

The incredibly sexy "Sascha Knopf" plays Detective Rikki Moore who
despises fallopian tube movies and thinks marriage is a joke, giving us the
impression that marriage is not one of her priorities. I had a blast watching
this many film fests award winning flick. Besides humor there is plenty of
gore and great scenes to keep you engaged in the story and the crazy
roles of some of these characters. They were great like Bobo, who would
propose for the sole intention of getting laid by his air headed masseuse
that has him turned on at the moment. Any horror movie lover out there
should be able to get into this with no problem and people beware "Stay
Single!" Other Actresses such as blue eyed beauty "Christa Campbell" with
"Maggie Myatt" as her snotty gold digging sister star in this film crafted by
"Philip Creager."

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror, Comedy


Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 90 minutes

Studio: Rounding 3rd
Productions LLC


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