Starring: Matthew Nelson, Tara Cardinal, Petra Bukalo, Rita Manyette, Gail

Directed by: Jose Zambrano Cassella

Story: Montgomery Goth is a gentle loner with a traumatic past, trying to put
the pieces of his life back together while working as a delivery boy for a local
pizza place. A series of events will test Montgomery's sanity and awaken the
demons inside of him, unleashing a murderous rampage that will keep everyone
from ordering delivery for a very long, long time.


We've all been told to lock our doors at night. We don't want strangers
entering our home without some type of notice. But what happens when you
order pizza? Who do you open your door to? That's right, it's the pizza
delivery man. I know what you're thinking.
"Neat cover, bad movie" right?
That's what I thought at first, but I was proven wrong. I've seen my fair share
of independent films. Most of them come off as being cheesy and unrewarding.
Some aren't even worth mentioning. The KSFilms release 'Delivery' is
something worth mentioning, because it truly does deliver. The best thing
about this release is the quote on the DVD cover that reads
"We deliver in 30
minutes or your killing is free"
. That line always seems to crack me up. The
movie itself doesn't, because it's more serious than anything. Actually, I did
find some of it to be funny. But that's because I have a wicked sense of humor.
Read along and you'll find out what I'm talking about.

In the movie we follow a man by the name of Montgomery Goth. Monty is a
gentle loner with a traumatic past who is haunted by his personal demons.
Monty works as a pizza delivery man over at 'Pie in the Sky'. Monty's life is
going down the drain, for he is constantly being harassed and made a fool of
by customers and fellow employees. These series of events take a toll on
Monty's sanity, and he slowly starts to drift away from reality. Nightmares of
his parents haunt him every night as he wakes up in a cold sweat. He tries very
hard to continue with his life even though it's just a series of unfortunate
events. After a while Monty's sanity begins to collapse even more. The pressure
and humiliation is taking a toll on him. These tortuous events awaken the
demons inside of him. That's when Monty goes on a murderous rampage and
kills all that have humiliated and embarrassed him.

Normally this wouldn't be the type of movie I would buy. With straight to DVD
and indie features, my first initial thought is to rent them before I even thinking
about paying full price for the DVD. I had a strong feeling that this movie was
going to be bad. From the look of the DVD cover to the humours tag line, I
thought this was going to be a joke. Luckily I was wrong, because Delivery has
all the right ingredients. It's far from being the best film I've seen all year, but
it's decent and does have its good points. The first half of the movie deals with
Monty being picked on while working (mostly by customers). He even gets the
crap get kicked out of him by a bunch of frat guys. The second half of the film
is about Monty snapping and getting back at those bullies. He even makes a
pizza out of human remains. For an independent film Delivery is actually decent.

The best part about Delivery is that they take the time to build up the
characters. With most of the slashers these days, they get straight to the
point. It doesn't always work; in the case of Delivery they spent the first half of
the movie setting up the upcoming deaths. We get to see Monty live out his
life. Working, eating and meeting a girl that actually likes him. These things
make the movie worth watching. Delivery packs a punch with an interesting
story, some likable characters and a satisfying ending. The best thing about
Delivery is that I didn't find anything cheesy (I couldn't help it, it was practically
begging for it). All pizza jokes aside, this movie makes for a great rental. I
should have known better when I read that it won a few film festival awards. To
top it all off, it's an indie feature that got picked up by Warner Bros. That
should be proof that this is something worth checking out.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 106 minutes

Studio: KSFilms


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