Genres: Fantasy, Horror,

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2007

Runtime: 95 minutes

Studio: Artfire Films

Review done by: Serial McKiller
Starring: Joshua Close, Scott Wentworth, Michelle Morgan, Joe Dinicol

Directed by: George A. Romero

Story: A group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming
a horror movie of their own.


After watching "Diary of the Dead" I tried to total up the number of suvival
films I've seen in the past year plus. I counted up around eleven or so just
on the ride home. And the saddest part is, all of those were better than this
film. Painful, drawn out, cheap, boring and extremely poorly written are all
things on a long, long list of problems with Romero's new film. And yes this
is painful to say, but in all honesty this film sucked...BIG TIME. The 'Resident
Evil' films were scarier than this junk. And without Romero none of the
zombie films or really zombie anything would exist. He created the genre and
is a legend. However that's not saying legends can't make mistakes. Great a
filmmaker as John Frankenheimer was with films like 'The Manchurian
Candidate' and even 'The French Connection Part II', his final film was
'Reindeer Games' which was terrible, although it wasn't nearly this shameful.

"Diary of the Dead" kicks off with banned news footage taken from a local
news camera who uploaded it to the internet which began as a story of an
immigrant family's murder by the hands of their father, but while the bodies
were being removed from the house they began to stand up and attack
paramedics and the news anchor. After that we're introduced to Debra who's
editing and narrated the film you're about to watch which has a terribly
clichéd title. All this done for her filmmaking boyfriend Jason, who's idea it
was to keep recording while on their escape from what ever was happening.
Basically Romero decided to back track to 'Night of the Living Dead' and place
it in the youtube age and make a social commentary about violence and the
spreading of the media's lies and all this done in a pretentious, bothering and
brainless way. Romero's 'Dead' series has always been about satire and a
secret message, but never has he stooped low enough to have a annoying as
hell voice over that pops in and out of this girl telling you everything that you
already knew.

Another huge problem was the characters. Granted Romero's never had too
many memorable characters, this is the first one where I actually just did not
like a single one of them. At least in 'Day of the Dead' I just didn't care about
them, but here they're all annoying college kids who are like bad stereotypes.
In fact the only interesting character was a deaf Amish man named Samuel,
who blew up a group of zombies, helped them and shortly after delivered the
best death scene of the film. Romero's writing is another big problem. I've
heard better dialogue in horror video games from the 90's. I mean for the
most part the two leads, Debra and Jason are always fighting about where to
go and why he should put the camera down and why he shouldn't. Their
teacher whom came along with them is the most stereotypical professor one
could imagine. He's a drunk who's seen hard times in the world and is not at
all surprised by what's going on and loves classic weaponry and literature.

There's pieces of the film where it seems like someone is trying to make a
Romero comedy, however there's too much melodrama for it to be a comedy,
and not nearly enough (if any) thrills, gore or suspense for it to even seem
like a horror film. Hell there were times when I felt it should've or could've
been PG-13. And even through dissecting it, there's still too many problems
to even try recommending seeing parts of it. It's a film that if anything makes
me respect the style in which it's been done better in other films like
"Cloverfield" or "The Blair Witch Project". Nothing works. Down to the terribly,
idiotic finale..."Diary of the Dead" is the worst in Romero's legendary and
landmark franchise, one of the worst horror films of the year and sadly I feel
one of the worst films of the year.

Overall: 3/10
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