Genres: Horror, Thriller


Country: USA

Year: 2007

Runtime: 98 minutes

Studio: Annodam


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Review done by: Jonny Cage
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Director: Rick L. Winters

Cast: Jason Adkins, Olivia Alsept-Ellis, Bob Bishop, Bob Bishop III, Scott
Caster, George Dunn, Renee Gilbert, Akbar Kedear

Synopsis: It is said in heaven above there is a book that holds the time line
every human will spend on earth. Once you have passed this time your
subconscious becomes your conscious and you can see the signs of IT in the
black cape that subliminally lead you to your demise.


I found out about this movie on MySpace. The official MySpace page for the
movie asked to be my friend and I did a little research. I thought that the
trailers all looked really cool and the cover art is pretty sweet. So, once it
came out…I found it. And…as you may have guessed…I loved it! This is one
of the best indi films I’ve seen in a long time. The camera work is not all that
amazing, but I’ll get to that later. For right now, just know that this movie is
gonna make waves. The story is a little bit confusing for the average viewer.
It’s really confusing for those of you who are not necessarily…uh…horror-
savvy. But overall I thought that the story was very well thought out and
was compelling throughout. I liked how Josh’s memory of his last moment
with his wife changed throughout the story. It gave it that little something
extra to keep you wondering. And do you know what sets this extraordinary
movie apart form ordinary movies? It’s that little extra. Yes, that’s a movie
quote. If you’re not gonna keep up, go home.

Anyway…From the start I had originally thought that the hooded figure was
The Angel of Death, and I still kinda think it is. But from reading more
information about the movie on the website, I think the writer/director meant
for the figure to be what some people call a “shadow figure” or “shadow
person”. I dug a little deeper and found out that shadow people are
supposed to be those things that you see out of your peripheral vision that
look like people, but when you turn to look nothing was ever there. These
apparitions are perceived to be a couple different things; 1) a being that lives
on another vibrational plane that is similar to ours that only exists in some
quasi-dimensional parallel universe, 2) they’re ghosts, or 3) they are a
complete figment of our imaginations due to the refraction of light off of the
iris. I’m gonna go with door number three. Choose what you will…but choose
wisely. The acting was not bad, it was actually pretty good.

I was expecting to have to horribly bash this area but was pleasantly
surprised to not have to. The actors were able to capture almost every
emotion and convince the viewer of such. I gotta hand it to Winters who
directed this flick, he knows how to put together a good movie with a cast
that can do the job right. That little girl though…she gave me more creeps
than that little freak from The Ring (2002). Not as much as those brats from
The Shining (1980) though. She did an excellent job as did her make-up
artist. Bravo Olivia…bravo. The effects were my favorite part of the movie. I
loved how they made the figure fluid; almost liquid in the air. I also loved the
effects used to accelerate time and the ones used to distort the viewer’s
perception of reality. This effects director deserves major credit for putting
this viewing experience together with almost flawless continuity. The only
thing I would have liked to see is some ballsier camera work.

It seemed like most of the shots were done with a stabilized camera that
didn't want to or wasn't supposed to move. That’s really my only complaint.
Rating: 23. Overall I thought this movie was absolutely awesome. It’s one of
those flicks that comes out straight to DVD, gets little recognition, after a
while gathers and underground following, then explodes into a classic. I know
I am building it up quite a bit but, it was just very well done! Apart from the
camera work, I also would have cut down a bit on Olivia’s script weight. For
the type of character she was playing, less is more. Think of it like this; those
two girls from The Shining (1980) spoke once and scared an entire
generation, Samara from The Ring (2002) didn't talk at all, and if she would
have, I would have pissed in my pants…and nobody can do anything about it!
So…I would suggest that if you have Netflix or Blockbuster’s Total Access
package, that you should take time out of your day and rent this movie…yes,
go out of your way to rent this one.

Overall: 8/10
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