Starring: Meletis Georgiadis, Yannis Katsambas, Andreas Kontopoulos,
Daphne Larouni, Pepi Moschovakou

Directed by: Yorgos Noussias

Story: An evil force is awakened in downtown Athens transforming the
unsuspecting citizens into raving zombies. The few survivors will have to fight
hard for their lives. To the death.


Where will you be when zombies take over your city? I know where I'll be.
Lets just hope that doesn't happen anytime soon. Horror fans seem to have
an obsession with apocalyptic stories. Movies about the end of the world.
Some are good and some are downright horrible. When zombies rule the
world it's no laughing matter...or is it? I recently got to check out a movie
called EVIL (TO KAKO). It's an action/horror/comedy from Greece. It's not so
often that I get to watch movies from Greece, so I was pretty happy when I
received the DVD. EVIL just so happens to be a mixture of '28 DAYS LATER'
and Peter Jackson's DEAD ALIVE. It's an apocalyptic tale with zombie-like
creatures. I don't want to call them zombies since they appear to be more
like the creatures from 28 DAYS LATER. They run and they turn pretty
quickly. Evil has lots of gore and plenty of laughs, but it is all that great? If
you ask me I say it's rather enjoyable. Just not the best film in its genre.

This is one of those movies that you can't take seriously. If you did then this
movie would be nothing more than a waste of time for you. The streets of
Greece is being bathed in delicious human blood. A group of friends locate an
underground cave while working. They go down the cave to check out what's
in it. They unknowingly walk out cursed, for they are about to start a deadly
event. Later that day, the entire group goes about their business, not
remembering what they found in the cave or how they got out. Later that
same night they turn into the walking undead. Infecting their families and
friends with a deadly plague which also turns their victims into crazed
maniacs. In a matter of hours the plague spreads throughout the entire city
of Athens. It's up to a group of random strangers-including a wise cracking
cab driver (who is also perverted), a teenage girl who lost her parents (boo
hoo), a tough-guy soldier (very original), a tougher young woman (that's
what I'm talking about!)- to save the day as the flesh-eating undead sink
their teeth into fresh meat.

I hope you all understood the sarcasm there. This movie has just about
everything you would expect; A group of dimwitted survivors, blood, gore,
guns and a vast number of hungry flesh eaters. It also has a lot of
blood-soaked action complete with exploding heads, flying intestines and
more household object impalements one could ever desire. Like I said, Evil
has it all. It just doesn't deliver in my book. Especially because it's not so
original. That doesn't make it a huge problem, it just made things very
predictable. Every gore hound will be pleased to know that Evil contains a lot
of violence. The action is very reminiscent of DEAD ALIVE. Heads get
chopped off, split in half and explode. To make things even better, it's silly
and over the top. There's a lot of comedy in this movie. Some of it is obvious
while the rest is funny and stupid for all the wrong reasons. It gets even
more confusing when you get to the sappy parts.

Apparently you're supposed to feel sympathy for a horny and brainless cab
driver who didn't really do much to drive the story. It's not like these
characters are likable. I found them all to be flawed, so I didn't give a damn if
they lived or died. I just wanted to see a good movie. The serious parts were
most confusing and didn't seem to fit in. I figured that since it had a lot of
humor, I thought it would be funny all the way through. It could have worked
as a 28 DAYS LATER spoof. But nope, some scenes were too serious for its
own good. It would have worked a lot better if it was all comedic. The only
great things about the movie are the gore and music. The techno soundtrack
is actually good to listen to. It makes the horror a little more exciting. Well at
least for me, I'm pretty fond of techno music. Everything else is average. Evil
isn't the type of movie to watch for drama or hidden messages. It's all out
entertainment; Just don't think of it as a serious movie and you'll have loads
of fun.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Action, Comedy,


Country: Greece

Year: 2005

Runtime: 83 minutes

Studio: Danger After Dark


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