Genres: Comedy, Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 86 minutes

Studio: Full Moon


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Review done by: Gruesome Griffon
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Starring: David Weidoff, John Patrick Jordan, Mitch Eakins, Brian Lloyd,
Robin Sydney, Kristyn Green, Jacob Witkin, Mae Laborde

Directed by: Charles Band

Synopsis: Larnell, Bachman & Brett are 20-something roomies searching
for a piece of paraphernalia to help them achieve the ultimate high. With
the help of the Classifieds, they find what may be the ultimate smokers’
dream – a supposed ancient bong with mystical properties. What they don’
t know is that this Hookah contains an evil spirit that will grant them a killer
high at the cost of their soul. It is up to their new roommate to free them
from the deadly trip and destroy the Evil Bong!


It is really depressing to see the sad state of Full Moon Features. Back in
the 80’s, I couldn’t wait for the next VHS release. For those not utterly lost
in horror geekdom, Full Moon was responsible for such direct-to-video
classics as Puppet Master, Subspecies and Trancers. These series were
cutting edge cult horror and reflected the Independent spirit of the horror
sub-culture. Now that the Millennium has passed, we find Charles Band and
company sorely lacking the ability, passion or inventiveness which made
them stand out 20 years ago. Case in point: Evil Bong. I can’t imagine the
pitch session that got this flick a green light. Although, it may have had
something to do with smoking the green. The whole plot revolves around
an cursed bong creatively named Eebee (Get it?) that steals the souls of its
smokers and traps them within the realm called “Bong World”. Eebee is a
puppet; a really bad puppet with an African-American “sista snap” attitude
(voiced by Michelle Mais).

This movie truly suffers from Charles Band’s creepy puppet fetish as much
as the poor dialogue and unimaginative sets. I have no idea what the
budget was, but if your “Bong World” set was represented as an
otherworldly “gentlemen’s club” with demon strippers then the chronic
probably wore off somewhere around the beginning of production. The
genetic splicing of horror and drug culture only serves to drag this movie
down to a juvenile level void of fun or originality (imagine putting
Hardbodies and Half Baked into a blender). Evil Bong is a film that cannot
be saved by gore or gratuitous nudity when you build it on a foundation
that most avid hemp heads would consider a buzzkill. Even cameos from
cult stars like Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong, That 70’s Show), Tim
Thomerson (Trancers, Dollman), Phil Fondacaro (Troll, Willow) and Bill
Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Devil’s Rejects) can’t save this direct-
to-DVD nightmare.

This movie is the perfect example of how some Hollywood money men
disrespect both the fans of horror movies and the fans of drug culture
comedy because they believe both genres are populated with easily
manipulated marks that have an uneducated taste in their entertainment.
Then again, if these guys knew anything about the horror genre, they’d
know that partaking in promiscuity or drugs will summon the wrath of a
certain hockey masked creature with a big machete. Fear the blade, not the

Overall: 2/10
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