Starring: Yun-ah Song, Hyeon-jun Shin, Seung-wook Kim, Seok-Hwan An,
Won-hui Jo, Jae-ho Song, Ye-rin Han, Ju-ran Lee, Cheong-jo Son

Director: Sang-Gon Yoo

Synopsis: A facial reconstructor who works for the police is given the task to
find out the faces of woman shortly after their bodies are found with nothing
left but skeletons.


This is one of those movies that I ordered a while back. While I was looking
through my large collection I said
"Hey! A movie I bought that I haven't seen!"
Now how many times have we all said this? Face reminded me of a really long
episode of CSI, but with a ghost and it's Korean. Even then, you don't really
see the ghost much. Sure there is a ghost in it, but you barely even see her.
She makes little appearances here and there, but not much to where I would
call this a ghost story. Face tells the story of Hyun-min, a facial re-constructor
who is trying to leave his job in order to be with his daughter, who just had a
very delicate heart transplant. But before he can leave, he is given one more
task by the police to help find the faces of these woman whos skeletal remains
have been found. He is also given a partner with his task, Seon-yeong, who is
fresh out of school but ready for the task. During that time Hyun-min has also
become obsessed with trying to find out who's the donor of his daughter's new
heart and is under the belief that it may be one of the victims'.

There is nothing original about this movie. Sadly, even Korea has taken on the
theme of dishing out the pissed-off-female-with-long-black-hair movie a bit too
far. As far as the ghost's appearance in the movie there really wasn't too much
there. She suddenly appears and then disappears. This movie didn't feel like a
ghost story. The romance that developed between our main characters played
by Yun-ah Song and Hyeon-jun Shin, is very well done. You could see the
holding back flirting by the two characters who trying to just keep their work at
task. You don't really see much of the daughter in the movie, most of the time
you see her passed out in a hospital room, which left me disappointed. I was
kinda hoping to see more child possession like in the movie 'Phone'. All the
other bit actors played their characters well, but then they also bring in
characters where you just think, "What?" Because it's really random. You do
find out who the killer is, but then you just kinda think, "Why him of all
people?" and "Who the hell is that?". Maybe the writing is a bit off.

There's not much gore here, just a bit of blood here and there at the end. Most
of it is just bones. This movie I would say isn't as eye appealing as many
others that have seen before it. Nothing shocking to keep you watching. Like, I
would leave the room to grab a drink or grab my popcorn and I would come
back and still have not missed anything. There's nothing special on the DVD,
just an outtakes featurette and then cast, crew and director interviews. This
isn't one of those movies that you "have to watch." I say you can just go
ahead and skip it. The only thing is that it is less then 2 hours long, so you
don't have to sit there and pretend to be interested. It's not bringing in
anything new and it's not ground breaking. Just more of the brown paper bag
stuff in a new package that has been coming out for the past 8 years. But
unlike the others, this one is also really boring.

Overall: 4/10
Genres: Horror


Country: South Korea

Year: 2004

Runtime: 92 minutes

Studio: Tartan Video


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