Director(s): BC Furtney, Steve Daniels, William Rot, Adam Barnick, Paul
Solet, Brad Palmer, Jake Kennedy, Erik Candiani.

Story: Fangoria Magazine, the world’s most popular horror publication
for over 25 years joins KOCH Vision in presenting an original compilation
of winning entries in the second installment of the Fangoria Blood Drive
short film competition. Hosted by Mistress Juliya, Fangoria Blood Drive 2
includes over one hour of bonus materials including a special "day in the
life" visit with horror film favorite Bruce Campbell and a behind-the-
scenes look at the inner workings of acclaimed special effects studio KNB


Last year Fangoria brought us a short film collection featuring the
winning films of the first Blood Drive contest. To be honest I wasn't too
impressed with the first Blood Drive and I'm sure a lot of people out
there agree. Well Fangoria is at it again with an all new DVD featuring
winners of this years Blood Drive contest. Its safe to say that this is a
DVD worth checking out. This new Blood Drive is hosted by Fuse TV's
Mistress Juliya and features 8 all new short films which keep you
entertained from the very start. For this review we're going to talk about
each of the short films and also about the really cool special features on
the DVD.

The first film presented was a very interesting short film called We All Fall
Down by Jake Kennedy. The film starts off with a little accident involving
a car, some teenagers and a little girl on the street (you should know
where this leads). After the brutal accident the kids decide to hide the
body in an old broken down building and do what they can to make sure
that the feds wont be able to identify her. Years later they get word that
the building they put the girl in was going to be torn down. So one of
the guys goes back to the building to look for the body, and to every
ones surprise the body is nowhere to be found. They soon find out that
the spirit of the little girl is back to haunt them and make them pay for
what they've done. Overall I thought this short film was pretty cool. The
look of it is pretty good and the story is great. Its almost like your typical
ghost/revenge story but this short film has something different to offer
when it comes to all the cool flashy scares and images. This is one of
those shorts which will leave you hungry for more.

The next film is my personal favorite and I'm sure that it is for a lot of
others out there. This black and white short is called The Gibbering
Horror of Howard Ghormley by Steve Daniels. The plot to it is pretty
complicated, to be honest the entire short felt like a great episode of the
Twilight Zone. You follow this man who rides his bike everyday to this
house, and as he tries to enter the door doesn't seem to open. Every
time he goes back to that door there is a note which is slipped
underneath which always has a very eerie and odd message. I suppose
its meant to confuse the viewer up until the very end when you find out
whats really going on. I won't ruin it for anybody but this is a short film
which I highly recommend viewing. If you have a huge heart for black and
white films and for a good simple story then this is a short film which you
should not miss.

The next film is a very cool short called Means to an End by Paul Solet
and Jake Hamilton. In which we follow a couple horror movie loving make
up effects guys who do what they can to try and make it in the film
industry. Sadly the guys they try to work with happen to be picky
bastards and have no heart for the art of horror. So to get everyone's
attention the guys decide to make their own movie to try and pitch to
other companies. What they do to get the attention is pretty crazy, the
two guys practically kill each other by shooting one another, biting off
flesh, cutting and even grating ones ass. This short film is another one
of my favorites, its just so gory and funny in parts. I think the film
makers did a fantastic job with this short. Its a straight forward movie
and its another one of those shorts which will leave you hungry for more.

This movie is the weirdest one in the bunch. Its a short film called
Mainstream by Adam Barnick. Describing the plot to this movie is a sure
challenge itself. This is one of those short films which is pretty hard to
explain. 3/4 of the film seemed like one giant probing session where
theres a guy sitting on this cold metal table and gets a bunch of needles
poked into his flesh. Once all these needles go away you see this
mysterious doctor show up and do even more weird things to him. Out
of all the other films this one seemed to have more of a science fiction
element. This is a very good looking and well shot movie. There is very
little dialogue and most of the film takes place during these weird
experiment sessions. Overall this is my second favorite short in the set.

The next short is one that I cant help but like so much. Its called
Disposer by BC Furtney and its about this guy who calls this dirty phone
line and ends up talking to a woman with a very wicked and sick sense of
pleasure. Most of the film is about this woman talking dirty over the
phone to this guy. I cant say too much without ruining it so lets just say
that the end result to this movie isn't pretty at all. Near the end it takes
a turn and becomes a weird and nightmarish end. This is another one of
those short films which needs to be seen, its very cool and it definitely
bites you in the ass at the end.

The short after is called The Journal of Edmond Deyers by William Rot.
We follow these two detectives who are on the case to capture a wanted
serial killer. The only clues that they have is a journal which can help
them with information to find the killer. After killing a couple of women
the killer goes after new prey and two detective goes to watch over some
house while the other detective stays and does some research. Well it
turns out that the two cops watching over the house wont be living for
very long. This film happens to be my least favorite in the set. Its not
that its a bad short, actually its a pretty neat watch, but I felt that it
didn't really go anywhere. Everything in this movie is nothing that we
haven't already seen before. I give big props to the guys who made this,
but I really felt that this short could have been much better. There are
some pretty cool killings and gore but overall I couldn't enjoy it as much
as the other films in this set.

The next film is a gory little feature called Sawbones by Brad Palmer. It
takes place during this big war and we follow this doctor who operates
on wounded soldiers. Sadly every time he works on someone he ends up
killing them after chopping off some of their limbs. After a fatal accident
with one of the wounded soldiers everyone starts to fear the doctor for
knowing what he does to his patients. Soon after the doctor begins to
lose it and ends up being haunted by one of the many dead soldiers.
This short isn't the best looking but overall its pretty entertaining. I think
Sawbones was the perfect title for this movie. The movie has some
pretty good looking gore and doesn't seem to be cut short with all the
blood. My goodness that was a ban pun.

The last film in this set is called Working Stiff by Erik A. Candiani. This
short is the weirdest one right next to Mainstream. In this feature we
follow a man in his cubical at work. The man grows tired of his job and is
annoyed by his employees on a daily basis. Till one day he gets called in
by the CEO to come down to his office for a chat. Once the guy gets to
the elevator he goes all the way down and ends up in a dungeon filled
with tortured zombie like employees. He discovers that underneath the
building there are some pretty weird stuff going on. Once he enters the
bosses office he sits down and chats with him. He soon discovers that
the boss had an eye on him from the very beginning and doesn't like it
when someone cant appreciate their job. Theres so much that goes on in
this movie so I won't say anymore to try and ruin it for any of you. But
overall this is a very cool and well made short. It has some pretty weird
moments and some really cool gore as well. This is another very
enjoyable short.

The Bonus features on this DVD is one of the biggest highlights. Much
like the first Blood Drive where we got a behind the scenes visit with Clive
Barker, in Blood Drive 2 we get a behind the scenes visit with B-Movie
Icon Bruce Campbell. In the interview Bruce talks about his living
situation, acting and of course the beloved Evil Dead films. Also on this
DVD there is another cool feature in which we go behind the scenes with
the good guys over at KNB EFX as they talk and discuss about films and
work in general. Another really cool new feature in on this DVD is special
commentary with the Blood Drive creators. All these features and the
films themselves are definitely worth the price. Not only are the films
better in this set but also the bonus features. Theres just a lot more
then what we got with the first blood drive. The Fangoria Blood Drive 2
DVD is a much bigger improvement and step from the first Blood Drive.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 83 minutes

Studio: Fangoria


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