Starring: Kara Maria Amedon, Sam Blankenship, Barry Ellenberger, Ben Green,
Lucas N. Hall, Courtney Hogan, Lynnili James

Directed by: Paul Moore

Story: High in the Appalachian Mountains and under a full moon, a timeless evil
rises. An awakened predator whose savagery and ferocity are matched only by
its insatiable appetite. Consumed by its legendary bloodlust, the creature
begins the hunt for its oldest and most dangerous prey: Man.


You wanna know something creepy? That hideous creature you see on the DVD
cover kind of resembles Wolverine. I think that's the scariest thing I've seen in
a long time. Don't be fooled by the cover art, The Feeding isn't about cool
mutants with the ability to heal. This ranks up there with all the other crappy
direct to video films I've had to review. We've all seen werewolves before. We
know the idea and we know how to kill them. I miss seeing movies like 'The
Howling' and 'An American Werewolf in London'. The Howling and An American
Werewolf are some of the best werewolf movies to date. It's just a shame that
the line up of werewolf movies haven't been as good since. We've had some
exceptions, but most of them really are horrible. This film just adds to that list.
Haven't we evolved over the years? Is it impossible to make a good werewolf
movie today? I guess the world may never know. Don't you just love it when
the monster movies have a good premise, but the monsters themselves are
horribly generic and silly? The Feeding is a prime example of this.

In The Feeding we follow a couple of rangers who encounter a werewolf out in
the woods. In the Appalachian Mountains there is a predator on the loose. An
awakened werewolf whose savagery and ferocity are matched only by its
insatiable appetite. Consumed by its legendary blood lust, the creature begins
to hunt for its oldest and most dangerous prey. Special Agent Jack Driscoll is
an expert who has seen this kind of case before. The beast is his obsession
and his nightmare. Now, he and his new partner must race against the rising
moon to save a group of unsuspecting campers from this vicious manlike
beast. Outmatched and with no weapons, the frightened group must rally
themselves to survive. As their numbers dwindle and their strength wanes, the
group desperately tries everything they can to live and kill the beast.

There's a lot of room for improvement here. Unlike some of my previous direct
to video reviews, I do have SOME positives here. I'll start with those first; The
Feeding is a bad movie but it does have its moments. I felt that the first half of
the picture was decent. I didn't mind the generic weed smoking characters
much. The reason it's acceptable is because of the dialog. I actually thought
The Feeding was cleverly written. Maybe the acting isn't the best out there but
the dialog that is fed to the viewer is quite entertaining on its own. Some of it
is really silly however, which is why I'm even using the word "decent". As the
movie progresses it just gets less interesting and more silly. I thought it was
decent up until the ending. The horrible ending even leaves room for a sequel. I
doubt anyone would wanna see a sequel to this piece of crap anyway.

The biggest problem I had with The Feeding was the quality of the picture. The
scenes involving the actual werewolf are painful to watch. When the werewolf is
on screen the look of the film changes. The scenes with the werewolf are darker
and less focused. It's like watching a poor amateur home video. The werewolf
bits are too dark and too blurry. I didn't see the reason for it, so why alter the
werewolf scenes? It just made the movie even more unbearable. Maybe it was
the film maker's idea of trying to cover the horrible hand made werewolf
costume. Seeing a man dressed as a werewolf worked great in Joe Dante's The
Howling. It doesn't work in The Feeding. In fact it's the movie's biggest flaw.
The look of the monster is dreadful. Everything else is just ridiculously cheesy.
It has so much potential to be a good movie.

There's nothing else that's worth mentioning. The Feeding is a monster movie
with many flaws. I'm surprised though, usually I'm in a foul mood after
watching these types of movies. There's something about The Feeding that
made it at least entertaining. It's a horrible film but it didn't leave me in a horrid
mood. The Feeding isn't the best werewolf movie ever made, but it's not the
worst either. The characters are sloppy, the gore is good, the plot is
interesting, the ending sucks and the monster itself is terrible. Like I said
before it has its moments. It's mindless entertainment for those of you who
are into cheesy horror movies. I definitely don't recommend buying this. It's
worth a rental, I'll give it that. Just be sure to do one thing before you watch
this. Leave your brain behind, because you wont be needing it.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 90 minutes

Studio: Lions Gate


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