Starring: Ryan Merriman, Mary Winstead, Texas Battle, Alexz Johnson, Sam
Easton, Kris Lemche, Jesse Moss, Gina Holden and Chelan Simmons.

Directed by: James Wong

Story: A high school senior has a premonition of a fatal accident at an
amusement park that involves her and her friends.


What I find most interesting about the Final Destination films is the crowd that
goes to see them. If you asked me I would say that people go to see these
movies not for it's serious points, but for the fun of it. The Final Destination
films are gory and funny pieces of cinemagic. These films bring together the
creepy idea of death and the fear that it may be our time to die soon. Seeing
the first film was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in a movie
theatre. The idea of cheating death wasn't necessarily new but the way it was
portrayed was nothing short of brilliant. The second film, well it didn't surpass
the original but it took the old plot and did something different with it, keeping
the fun and excitement of seeing characters trying to escape death and getting
killed in a brutal manner. Who doesn't want to see character die?

It was no surprise that there was going to be a third film, I’m sure everybody
knew it was going to happen sooner or later. James Wong, the man who co-
wrote and directed the first film brings us this new installment. Being a fan of
the previous films I was pretty excited to see this one, and now that I've seen
it I can honestly say that the franchise should end with this film. I liked this
movie and everything but it just didn't do anything new. We get introduced to
some new and pretty brainless characters who cheat death by getting off of a
roller coaster before it turns into chaos. The concept of it starting off in a
theme park was really cool. I’m sure we've all had our moments where we hope
the ride we’re on doesn't get broken and end our lives. The entire roller coaster
sequence was the best for me. I liked how everything was shot and I definitely
liked the way everything looked. The opening scenes in these films just so
happen to be the most brutal and with this film it’s pretty intense seeing how
these characters die.

The main thing I want to point out is that although the setting is different, the
movie itself is repetitive. Watching this film was like watching the first one all
over again, only the characters are brainless and the death scenes get less
intense as the film progresses. But don’t get me wrong, I loved the death
scenes. The blood and gore were the strong points in this movie. If you liked
the death sequences in the first two films then you’ll most likely be pleased with
what this film has to offer. The writers found some different and interesting
new ways to kill people. Even the CGI scenes were pleasant to watch. Every
Final Destination death is creative and brutal, but it’s the irony in these scenes
that crack me up the most.

Although the film does have some good strong points, but there were some
things that really bothered me. This film doesn't really use the whole idea of
cheating death to an advantage. The plot is the same as the first film and it
doesn't go anywhere. As for the characters, you really could care less if they
got it in the end. Each character had a sense of unawareness and a small will to
survive and help others. In other words the characters were useless. I only
watched this movie for the death scenes anyway, but even those scenes had
its disappointments. Te death scenes get less creative and less frightening as
time passes. The opening sequences are always the best, but you would think
that it could only get better from there. Sadly it doesn't and each new scene
becomes less intense and I also thought the ending was very poor.

All in all I did like the movie, it was entertaining to a point where I could watch
again. Like the previous films this one has a good level of violence and humor.
The humor in this film wasn't bad. In fact if you look at the previous films they
also have its fair share of humor. Humor helps soften up the violence and it
makes it more entertaining. It’s been done in so many horror films in the past.
Final Destination 3 is an entertaining movie, but it doesn't go too far with the
plot. It’s basically the same thing as the first film, but I enjoyed it anyway. I didn
't really enjoy the second film that much when I first saw it, in fact I was almost
close to hating it. But after seeing it again and again my opinions definitely
changed and I‘m willing to bet that the more I watch Final Destination 3 the
more I’ll enjoy it. I wouldn't mind giving it a second watch, it just doesn't go
anywhere with the plot and characters.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Drama, Horror,
Mystery, Thriller

Rated: Not Rated

Country: R

Year: 2006

Runtime: 93 minutes

Studio: New Line Cinema


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