Starring: Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, John Houseman,
Tom Atkins, James Canning, Charles Cyphers, Nancy Kyes, Ty Mitchell, Hal
Holbrook, John F. Goff, George 'Buck' Flower, Regina Waldon, Jim Haynie,
Darrow Igus

Directed by: John Carpenter

Story: Antonio Bay, a quaint, small seaside town is celebrating the 100th
anniversary of its founding. That night a heavy, mysterious fog rolls through
the town and people begin to die in savage ways. Rumors of a secret as old as
the town begin to surface and the people of Antonio Bay realize they are
victims of long dead sailors who have come to revenge their own murders at
the hands of the town's founding fathers. The townspeople can only wait for
the fog to roll in and pray that they are not the next to die.


I am glad that I bought this movie. I love John Carpenter's films, he's my all
time favorite director. From Halloween down to Ghosts Of Mars (well not really).
John Carpenter made this movie back after the success of Halloween, and back
when he and Debra Hill had fresh ideas in their heads. This movie is a ghost
story, which is different from the captivating "slasher film" as shown in
Halloween. The story takes place in a little town called Antonio Bay, in which this
town has a deep and Dark history, or should I say, Past. Set 100 years back
before the town was even born, when a group of pirates were killed for their
gold and died in a mystic Fog (Don’t want to spoil too much). Now the mystic
Fog has come back to take revenge on 6 victims. The story stuck with me since
it was very interesting. Not only that, but the Fog effects were pretty cool.
Another thing that I liked was that most of the actors were from the Halloween
series. So to see them all on this film was not much of a shock to me. And of
course also starring in this movie is Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee's mother. So it was
also pretty cool to see mother and daughter on film together.

The movie starts off kind of slow in a way, especially the damn opening credits.
The opening credits were very long. When you think the credits are over, 1
minute later the credits come back, which got very annoying. The movie also
started off pretty good with a few jumpy scenes in the beginning, and a cameo
appearance by none other than John Carpenter himself. Not only that, but you
get to see some sweet deaths in the beginning! Which was good, so that
opened up my eyes. The visual effects to this movie were pretty awesome too,
when night falls, you can see The Fog coming in. The way the fog looked was
pretty cool. Not only that, but the undead ghosts looked very bad ass! And I
liked the fact of how they kind of keep hidden so that you cant get a clear
picture of what they look like, that was a plus. Also the use of weaponry was
pretty cool, these Pirate ghosts were loaded up with blades and gardening tools
ready to take sweet revenge.

As for the blood and gore factor, there’s not much blood in this movie. But
that’s not a bad thing, cause the actual death scenes didn't really need to show
blood. As when you die, it seems more like "drowning" was the cause of death.
Which I thought was a very interesting and cool idea. The music to this movie
was also just great. You can tell that Carpenter did the music of course, and
man did he do a good job playing those keyboard notes. But one thing that
really bothered me the most was the fact that all the talking gets pretty boring
in the middle of the movie. I almost fell asleep watching the film go by so slow
waiting to see more action. And of course as for the ending, really got me
surprised. This movie isn't too predictable, and the ending just surprised and
fooled me. Right when you think the movie is going to end in one way,
something sweet happens and just surprises you. Which was a big up! And the
DVD features are also pretty cool, it has a few documentaries on the movie,
original TV trailers, outtakes, story boards, heck even Linear Notes from
Carpenter himself. So I really enjoyed this film. Good story, music, characters,
sweet deaths, some scares here and there. Definitely a horror classic that
needs to be seen.

Overall: 8/10
Genres: Horror, Mystery,

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 1980

Runtime: 89 minutes

Studio: MGM


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