Genres: Horror


Country: South Korea

Year: 2004

Runtime: 98 minutes

Studio: Tartan Video


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Review done by: Nightmare Child
Starring: Kim Ha-neul, Gi Ju-bong, Ryu Jin-ok, Nam Sangmi, Shin Lee

Directed by: Kim Tae-gyun

Story: Ji-won is a bright young student with amnesia. She has no
recollection of who she is, her friends or her life before the incident. When
her old friends mysteriously start dying one by one, she begins to
investigate. As she slowly begins to piece together fragments of her past,
strange and terrifying visions start to haunt her. She discovers that she was
once friends with three other girls, and together they formed an impenetrable


I'm curious, how many times must I have to sit down and review a movie like
this? I'm not trying to complaining, I'm just getting sick of reviewing the
same movie over and over again. I thought that repetitive horror films in the
Unites States were a problem. Seeing all the recent Korean releases got me
thinking twice. There so many things about this movie that aren't original.
The only thing worth mentioning is the twist, which is the only closest thing
to an original idea. I guess I'm going to have to focus more on what's good
than what my personal feelings are. That's going to be difficult, because it's
not very much. Ryeong (The Ghost) is a repetitive supernatural thriller from
South Korea. The Ghost is a film that's best compared to The Grudge and
Dark Water. The critic quote on the DVD cover nailed it, because if you've
seen both the Grudge and Dark Water, then you'll know what this movie is
going to be like.

In the movie we follow a young college student by the name on Ji-won.
Ji-won is bright, but has amnesia. She has no recollection of who she is, her
friends or her life before the incident. As she continues to go to school, she
begins to remember her circle of friends. Later she is then reunited with her
old friends, only to see that something wrong is going on. It becomes
obvious once her old friends mysteriously start dying one by one. Ji-won
then begins to investigate the deaths. As she slowly starts to piece together
fragments of her past, strange and terrifying visions begin to haunt her. She
even discovers that she was once friends with another girl. One who was
poor and treated very poorly. Ji-won's search becomes difficult, for no one
(including her close friends) wont even give her a hint about her past.

Doesn't sound very new does it? That's because it isn't. As I mentioned early
on in my review, this movie is very repetitive. You know those female ghosts
you always see with the long dark hair? This movie has one, and she's
getting her revenge by killing her victims and making it look like they've
drowned. The mild violence go through "The Fog" route where the victim's
bodies have no cuts or scratches on them. It's as if they've drowned over
night. That's one of the more interesting aspects of the movie. The story
also unfolds near the very end. It's not confusing either, so that's a good
thing. I can't stand complicated stories and twists. The Ghost is very simple
and easy to figure out. The outcome is very predictable, you'll be able to
guess what really went on between the girls. The only thing that is
unpredictable is the film's twist at the end.

Once you think you've figured everything out, the twist happens and catches
you by surprise. The film's twist is original, so for me that's what made it
worth the effort. I can't recommend The Ghost for you as a buy just because
it's more of the same stuff that we've been seeing from South Korea. It's
extremely repetitive; However I do recommend it as a rental. The movie is
pretty good despite the fact that it's another DVD release from the Tartan
Asia Extreme assembly line. The story is good and the twist at the end is
definitely worth the time. If you're easily scared by ghost stories then I don't
see why you wont be able to enjoy this one. This supernatural tale mixes
together ghosts and water, so if you're afraid of both then you're
guaranteed to have a blast. It's even getting a remake here in states, so you
figure that it has to be good for something right?

Overall: 6/10
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