Starring: Kevin Lessek, Elske McCain, Jessica Pidd, Matthew Reel, Emily Tillman

Directed by: Matthew Reel

Story: A desert-dwelling serial killer looks for the perfect victim for his next
snuff film.


Oh lord what did I get myself into. Never have I ever felt like I was on drugs
while watching a movie. This movie did it for me, I can't even begin to explain
what the hell this short film is about. So I'll save all of you the trouble of having
to hear me explain what this movie means. To be completely honest I don't
even think I know what it all means. I'm even more confused after having
watched Matthew Reel's 'The Goat Sucker'. I've only watched it once so if my
review isn't very informative then I do apologize. I only need to watch this
movie once anyway so I'll just get straight to the point. Have you ever watched
a movie that was so psychologically mind blowing that you start questioning
why you were even curious in the first place? I have, after seeing this movie.
Curiosity got the best of me, and I'm just puzzled as to what the hell I just

Putting the story in my own words is damn near impossible. The Goat Sucker is
a darkly comical tale of a desert-dwelling serial killer. Haunted by perverse
thoughts and satanic visions, he looks for the perfect victim for his next snuff
film. Things take a turn within the first twelve minutes of the movie. The Goat
Sucker is separated by different acts/chapters Each act is different in terms of
style, pace and feel. Now, I've never seen any of Mathew Reels other work, but
after seeing this I'm really curious. I would love to see more of his work. It
seems to me like the man has his own style and taste. I know he has some
other shorts out there. Speaking of other shorts, included in the Goat Sucker
DVD is another short film by Mathew Reel. It's called "Bath Water", and it's a
really neat short that's both entertaining and disgusting.

I loved the fact that The Goat Sucker reminded me of the 70’s grind house
cinema pictures. Everything seemed dirty, strange and fascinating. At times it
felt like I was watching a live comic book. Just not in the 'Sin City' type of way.
You won't find that kind of budget here. The look and feel of the movie is what
separates it from most others in the same genre. It's different, and that's
probably the best way I can explain it. The imagery is good for the most part.
The rest is just not as fascinating. Actually no I change my mind, there is
another aspect of the movie that I really enjoyed. It's the sexy and exciting
performance of actress Elske McCain, who brings us both eye candy and fun
through a little song and dance. Overall I thought the Goat Sucker was very
interesting. It's basically like one giant acid trip. I really wish that I could make
this review longer but I've pretty much said all that I could.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Short, Horror


Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 22 minutes


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