Review done by: Nightmare Child
Starring: Marco Calliari, Brett Kelly, John Muggleton

Directed by: Miles Finlayson, Alexandre Michaud

Story: A strange violent film collector known only as Uncle Vicious hosts this
new chapter in the GoreGoyles movie series. This time, Vicious presents two
totally Canadian crazy horror tales; CLEAN and THE WALKERS


I love anthologies, especially when they're short horror stories. Not this one, I'll
never LOVE this one, so I'll be quick with my review. GoreGoyles 2 is a movie
containing two horror shorts from Canada. The first film presented is called
"Clean." It's an offensive mind numbing tale about a serial killer who joins a
secret club filled with other serial killers. Once a year these evil people gather for
a big party, where they consume massive amounts of alcohol and kill an
innocent human being. That's pretty much it, I can't explain it any simpler. I
could explain the plot a bit more, but I would end up ruining the movie. It's not
like it matters anyway because the movie isn't good. Clean is the worst thing in
this short anthology. For starters, the movie is loaded with gore but the story
is overwritten and ridiculous. It goes to show you that you can have all the
blood and gore in the world, but if your story sucks then the movie is destined
to fail. I didn't get the point, which is why I'm trying my best to forget that I've
even watched Clean.

The characters were so annoying; I wanted to fast forward through the movie
because the dialog was so horrible. The overacting didn't help either. Watching
Clean is nothing more than a waste of time. All it really is is just 'blood blood
blood gore gore gore'. That's all the short has to offer. The second film in
GoreGoyles 2 is "The Walkers." In the short we follow a couple of criminals who
run from the cops. Their car breaks down during the chase so they have to
hide out in the woods. Hot on their trail, the two police officers enter the woods
looking for the fugitives. Both the cops and robbers spend a few days out in
the woods. In result, they each begin to go crazy and some even resort to
cannibalism. Apparently I missed something when I watched this, because I was
so lost near the end. I guess it's because I lost focus a couple of times. The
short was very boring and it drags a great deal. I found it very difficult to keep
focused. That's how much it dragged (well at least for me). As boring as it is,
it's actually an improvement from Clean.

The Walkers is actually pretty decent. The story is better, the acting is good
and it's not offensive or misogynistic. Still, it doesn't make GoreGoyles 2 any
better. It's still pretty bad. The Walkers is a little boring and it drags. This
anthology really isn't all that great. In fact, it's far from being great. Actually,
now that I think about it, GoreGoyles 2 is a COMPLETE waste of time. You can
spend those 110 minutes doing something else. Like, watching a movie that's
actually good. Or, you can change your hobby and play video games. Anything
is better than having to sit down for nearly two hours while watching a couple
of bad short horror films. It's torture, I wouldn't want to put myself into that
situation anymore. As harsh as I may sound, I can't say that GoreGoyles 2
wont appeal to everyone. I'm sure all the gore hounds who don't care too
much for story will enjoy this.

Overall: 4/10
Genres: Horror


Country: Canada

Year: 2007

Runtime: 110 minutes

Studio: Helltimate Studio


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