Starring: Mike Marsh, Ryan Hutman, Melinda Lorenz, Holi Tavernier,
Jason Dinger

Director: Sean Tretta

Synopsis: The Great American Snuff Film relates the events leading up
to the recovery of a "snuff" film - a movie that supposedly shows the real
murder of a person. The film within the film, taken from the home of a
sexual predator, is shown as well.


I have been reviewing some really nasty movies lately, and by nasty I
mean all where are women being tortured and raped. Except “I Spit On
Your Corpse I Piss On Your Grave” which actually had actress Emily Haak
doing the raping. “The Great American Snuff Film” isn't too much
different with “William Grone”, a serial killer who with the help of his
partner Roy kidnaps two girls with the intentions of making a snuff film
over a period of two days, but ends up going on for almost a week.
William is a cold hearted woman hater whose anger stems from being
abandoned by his whore mother. He enjoys inflicting pain on others and
gets off on their facial expressions, the pleading and how they struggle
as he tortures and beats them.

He shoots his footage on a 8 mm camera because he says it makes the
horrible images more pure. Grone is very excited to start on the girls,
but says he must make himself make so the climax will be better. I
expected a lot more out of this movie since it was a “Brain Damage” film,
and I love them. It just seemed that the time was dragging along at
certain points. Then of course comes the debate on the last 2 minutes of
film…is it real or isn't it? Supposedly this footage is the actual footage of
William Grone taunting then shooting his female victim in the head.

I haven’t got a clue but most people say it’s just a ploy to get the public
to buy into this film that’s telling the story through the diaries of this
madman. I’ll admit watching the girls fall in and out of consciousness
from the drugs he was injecting them with were very well played out
scenes. I liked that it was opening up and telling you all the evil thoughts
that were put to paper. This cold blooded calculated killer would go to
work and then be back later to finish where he had left off. This is by no
means a bad film, it positively had a real feel to it. Knowing that these
two men had no remorse for one ounce of torment they inflicted was
truly sickening.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2003

Runtime: 90 minutes

Studio: Brain Damage


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