Starring: Fernando Asaco

Directed by: Martín Garrido Barón

Story: Recently freed after 25 years for killing his girlfriend, Antonio Frau has
just inherited an old motel from a relative he never knew. Old habits die hard
and Antonio takes this as a sign from God to begin “cleansing” those who have
lost the will to live. He leads his naive victims to room 6 where he purifies them
through excruciating pain and blood-soaked torture, while at the same time,
continuing his everyday life next to his new wife.


I want to start off by saying that this is a hard movie to review. I've had this
film sitting in my DVD player for about a week now and it's tough for me to
come up with the words to describe how I felt. Not only do I not know what to
say, but H6: Diary of a Serial Killer is just one of those movies where the less
you know, the better. I wont be giving away too much, I will try my best to only
talk about what's explained in the synopsis. One thing I will say is that H6:
Diary of a Serial Killer is one of the best shockers I've seen this year. It's much
more darker and vicious then a lot of the releases here in the United States.
It's scary to think that movies like American Psycho and Henry: Portrait of a
Serial Killer can be so appealing to us. When I watch movies that follow serial
killers I never really get that sense of realism. You ever notice that?

I guess that's just how movies are compared to real life. Real life horror is
unbearable and it pains me to think that stuff like this happens in real life.
Outside of film and in the living breathing world we walk around. For example;
When I watch be-headings in movies I never cringe, because I learned at a
young age that it's all make believe. It's the end result of hours of make up and
if done right it makes a great illusion. A satisfying magic trick with buckets of
blood. Watching real be-headings is a whole different story and it's hard to
stomach. It's tough to find a serial killer movie that has a realistic edge to it.
The movies about real life serial killers are pretty tame compared to the actual
true stories.

It's just like when you read a book and watch the movie adaptation afterwards.
The original piece of material is always better, and at times more horrifying. H6:
Diary of a Serial Killer, is a dark and relentless movie from Spain in which we
follow a man named Antonio Frau. Antonio was locked away for 25 years after
killing his girlfriend. Once freed he is alerted that he inherited an old motel
(which was also used as a whore house). Antonio takes this place and turns it
into a hostel. Happily married and settled in his new place, Antonio decides to
do what he feels is a task from god. To kill those who are lost.

To murder those who have given up and have no will to live. Little by little
Antonio picks up street trash. Prostitutes, drug addicts, the homeless, you
name it. He offers them a room and some food to eat. Making them feel
welcome as Antonio appears friendly and kind. He easily manipulates people into
trusting him, but once he takes your picture, that's it. Antonio fallows up on
his killing spree, using room number 6 as his torture chamber. Keeping the
women locked up and using them for his own pleasure. While all this takes
place, Antonio keeps a diary to write about his daily habits.

H6: Diary of a Serial Killer is a raw and nerve hitting piece of art. We follow a
character who does gods work by cleansing those who have lost their will to
live. Using his new Hostel as his house of pain. The story doesn't sound so
original but the direction it takes is. We've fallowed serial killers before, and
those movies usually turn out to be dark and comical. This movie is very dark,
just not so comical. It's a gritty horror movie which dares to let you into the
mind of a serial killer who is hell bent on killing the weak and powerless. That's
just one of the many aspects of H6 that I personally enjoyed.

Our main character Antonio does these horrific things not just for fun and
pleasure, but mostly because he feels it's his duty. When Antonio was 16 years
old he read the biography on the famous French murderer Henri Landrau.
Following in Henri's footsteps, Antonio keeps a diary where he writes about his
daily progress and keeps the pictures he took of his victims. Antonio writes in
this diary keeping in mind that someday the world would read it, and by writing
down his experiences he hopes that the readers will have a better
understanding of why he does these things. Antonio takes all of his recent
rewards as a sign from God and does his part to get rid of those that are lost.

I liked the story H6 had and I enjoyed the direction that it took. It's familiar
material if you've seen other movies in this sub-genre. Although it may seem
similar to other horror movies, this one actually has that sense of creepy
realism. The look of the movie is fantastic. It's very dark and the movie itself is
filled with sex and murder. It's not just your usual serial killer movie, there is
much more to H6 than expected. Watching a psycho torturing women is only
the half of it. This movie is really vicious and lethal. The film makers dared to
push the envelope and at times it can be pretty disturbing. Those torture
scenes I mentioned before, are dragged and take up a good amount of time.

It's more of a mental pain than visual, the movie isn't all that graphic. Just
seeing what this guy does to women is a painful. So have your game face on by
the time you pop this into your DVD player. Those of you who aren't used to
these kind of movies may deem it offensive and too realistic. I have to be
honest and say that I wouldn't really blame anyone for feeling that way. H6:
Diary of a Serial Killer is a relentless piece of art thats begs to be seen. The only
real big problem I had with the movie was the ending. Although the movie runs
at a good 92 minutes, it ends pretty quickly. The rest of the movie is good and
it's something I would recommend to everyone. It's dark, humorless and very
creepy. That's all I'm going to say.

Overall: 8/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: Not Rated

Country: Spain

Year: 2005

Runtime: 92 minutes

Studio: Tartan


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