Starring: Jesselynn Desmond, Jamielyn Kane, Tom Curitore, Carlos Javier

Directed by: Terrence Williams

Story: On their way to a party, a group of high school girls -- including
Kimmy, a timid teen who's trying to make new friends -- accidentally hit a
pedestrian. Fleeing on foot out of fear, they're assaulted by a psychotic
group of thugs. After being tortured and raped, Kimmy goes insane and
hunts down every last person responsible, savoring every bit of payback.
But her rage ultimately leaves a trail of blood … and entrails.


Once more I need to reiterate that I am a fan of low budget/no budget
cinema. As a matter of fact, I am a card-carrying member of both the
Troma & Full Moon fan clubs. The lack of finances often leads to creative
and bold movie making. The heart behind low/no budgets easily translates
onto the screen when watching. It is that elusive quality which never taints
my opinion before I pop the next DVD offering into the player for review.
So, when it comes to the DVD feature “The Hood Has Eyez”, I can honestly
say this is an excellent example of a pure piece of cinematic trash. The
press kit I received with the DVD guaranteed this film would “Offend
EVERYONE regardless of race color or creed”. However, it should have
added this flick would offend anyone with 2 brain cells and a film making

Basically an urbanized version of the 1978 horror classic “Day of the
Woman” (more commonly referred to as “I Spit on Your Grave”), the
filmmaker also borrows its attitude from the 1972 Wes Craven original
nightmare “The Last House on the Left” for its “shock” value. There is
nothing remotely interesting or original in this movie and it seems even the
actors agree (judging by their performances). Maybe if this movie was
made in the 70’s like the films it blatantly stole from then there would be
something positive to say. Instead, this 70 minute feature runs down the
we’re-going-to-shock-you checklist with violence, torture, humiliation,
nudity, rape and gore. In seeking to offend the audience it only succeeds in
offending the intelligence of those who unfortunately rent or buy this
steaming pile of brutal clichés. Then again, any film that depicts the horrific
crime of rape as gleefully as this film does is damnable.

I can imagine the director/writer sitting in front of his computer pecking at
the keyboard with a big smile on his face as he pulled every violent thought
from his noggin and tossed them on electronic paper all the while thinking
how distributors will eat up a movie of this caliber. Too bad he spent even
less time setting up his shots or lighting sets or doing special FX or actor
rehearsals. Plain and simple: this movie has no heart and it shows in every
poorly shot frame. The Hood Has Eyez is a failed attempt at using theatrical
taboos that were shocking over 30 years ago and are now sad stories told
every night on the 6 o’clock news. Let us hope Mr. Williams uses this
experience as a “what not to do” if he makes another film. All I can say is
I'm glad I received a screener copy or I would have been truly mad at
myself if I had rented this abomination. And if you’re wondering, I gave it
one star for the simple fact he got a distributor to sell this soulless piece of

Overall: 1/10
Genres: Horror


Country: USA

Year: 2007

Runtime: 70 minutes

Studio: Cinema Threat


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