Director: Eli Roth

Starring: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson, Jan Vlasák,
Barbara Nedeljáková.

Story: Three backpackers head to a Slovakian city that promises to meet
their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.


Eli Roth has made quite a name for himself in the horror genre. In 2002 he
brought us the horror/comedy Cabin Fever. You know the film about the
flesh eating virus? Well Eli has done it again, this time he brings us
something different and terrifying. His new film Hostel is about a group of
three backpackers who head to a Slovakian city to pretty much have a good
time, unaware of what laid ahead. Oli, one of the backpackers goes missing
which leaves Paxton and Josh to party by themselves going around to clubs
and bars searching for a good night. The next day Josh ends up missing as
well, and Paxton is lead to a mysterious place where "you could spend all your

Paxton then realizes that the place he's in is a place where people can pay to
kill, torture and do whatever they want without the consequences. The place
offers customers the chance to torture and kill someone, if you pay a good
deed of money. Its sort of like a bloody gory peepshow which the customer
can have total control and freedom over it. Eli Roth took some of his
inspirations and put them onto film creating a new story with funny
characters and a brutal/dark atmosphere. Much like Eli's first film this movie
also has its fair share of humor. But to no worry the humor doesn't go too
far and it only runs for the first half of the picture. Once the horror picks up
it gets serious all the way through. Well maybe for a few other scenes but
that's something else.

Every once in a while we get to see films that can push the envelope. Hostel
is probably one of those films. Its brutal, disgusting and a shocker if you're
not used to seeing films on this kind of level. The gore is heavy in parts and
just may leave you squeamish or wanting more. I've seen a lot of films with
extreme gore so it really doesn't bother me at all. Hostel did surprise me for
the level of gore it had, but I just couldn't believe that this movie walked
away with an R rating. The gore doesn't go to far and it isn't really
"extreme", but what they do show is very surprising. You would figure that
the MPAA would cut it to pieces, but nope it's the other way around. If the R
rated cut has this much gore then I wonder what the uncut version has.

I'm sure that the die hard fanatics will enjoy the hell out of this movie. I
personally had a blast watching it. The hype is for real, for an average
moviegoer its just as shocking as it claims to be. This film has a good
amount of humor and blood. If you're a big horror fan then you will drool all
over blood and neat special effects done by the wonderful KNB FX team. I
would have given this movie a higher rating but I thought that a lot of the
nudity was un-needed and I would have loved to see more. When the movie
ended I found myself hungry for more violence. If the film ran for 30 or more
minutes I would have sat and watched the whole thing. This movie has a
great amount of gore for its rating but man I just want to see if the uncut
version of the film has anymore.

Overall I really recommend Hostel. Whether if you're unfamiliar with gore and
violence or just a die hard fan of the genre. This is a film which just needs to
be seen. If the MPAA can let this movie slide with an R rating then we just
may be able to see more gruesome and violent pictures like this in the future.
As a special treat for the fans we are treated with a couple of cameos. One
from Eli Roth (the director) near the beginning and one from Takashi Miike
(director of Audition, Visitor Q, Ichi the Killer) near the last half of the movie.
Takashi just so happens to have the coolest line in the film. Hostel is pretty
much what it claims to be and if you have the patience to let the story and
characters unfold, you'll enjoy it all the way through. Hostel is a good film
which should be enough to please any die hard horror fan.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 95 minutes

Studio: Lions Gate


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