Starring: Vincent Price, Carolyn Craig, Richard Long, Elisha Cook Jr., Carol Ohmart

Directed by: William Castle

Story: Five diverse people are invited to a 'haunted house' party. They are offered
$10,000 each by an eccentric millionaire and his wife to spend the night in a house
with a murderous past.


The ghosts are moving tonight. Restless and hungry. Cant you hear them?
They're the ones that whisper in your ear at night, and give you chills while you
hide safely under the covers. We've always been scared by stories of the
supernatural, usually with tales that take place inside a haunted house. While most
of them usually turn out to be problems caused by a ghost, the House on Haunted
Hill is questionable. Are these so called ghosts really awake or is it just some plot
to make an excuse for murder? When you have a group five adults with guns
forced to stay the night in a locked house, you wonder if everything you see or
hear is real. Sure the ghosts may be the one making the pranks but there is
always a suspicion that there is a person pulling the strings. What you have here
ladies and gentlemen, is a good mystery. A movie where almost anything could be
possible. The House on Haunted Hill has a deadly past where previous house
mates have turned up dead. The unlucky ones were missing heads that have never
been found. Playboy Frederick Loren is hosting a party in the same exact house.
Inviting a group of individual who all have one thing in common, they need money.
With the doors locked at midnight, everyone in the house is forced to stay the
night. Mr. Loren has agreed to pay then thousand dollars to everybody that
survives the night in the House on Haunted Hill.

What can I say about the House on Haunted Hill that hasn't been said already?
This original classic has to be one of the greatest horror/mysteries ever made,
hands down. It's one of my personal favorites and I'm sure many others out there
feel the same way. I'm not saying this because I love the movie so much, I'm
saying it because it's a fact. Watching this movie for the first time was an
experience I'll never forget. This movie alone has changed the way I look at other
genre pictures. That's how much of an impact the movie has had on me, and this
was just from the first viewing. It caught my attention early on and I realized that
when it was all over I just witnessed one of the greatest pieces of material ever
presented on screen. In the House on Haunted Hill we fallow a groups of individuals
who share the same need. Carefully picked by Frederick Loren, the group is
selected to stay in a house for the night where they each have to play a game.
Those who survive the night receives 10,000 dollars. The caretakers leave at
midnight, only to come back later in the morning. Once the doors are locked there
is no way out. The windows have bars that a jail would be proud of and the only
door to the outside locks like a vault.

With the way I'm talking about the movie you would figure that this could be a film
that everyone would enjoy right? Sadly that's not the case. I love watching old
movies and have no problem with them. This film won't appeal to everyone, you
would have to have a love for vintage material to be able to appreciate the
greatness that is the House on Haunted Hill. This is a movie I highly recommend
watching and owning for anyone with this kind of taste. It's a great mystery which
has plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. We as viewers are not only
treated with a good story but also with great performances that the film carries.
The star of the show is none other than Vincent Price who plays the rich Fred
Loren, the man who is hosting the party along with his gold digging wife. The
relationship between the two is interesting at best where you have two main
characters who can't stand each other. This part of the movie has a large roll but
you don't really figure that out until you see the twist. Price's performance really
steals the show for he is charming and vicious.

The House on Haunted Hill really keeps you guessing until the end. The scares are
outdated but I'm willing to bet that during its release audiences were treated with
jolts of chills and other worthy scares. That's just my guess, it could have ran
differently. This was one of those horror movies I never really got to appreciate
until I was much older. When you're older you get to see things that you really
never noticed when you were a kid. Watching this movie in my mature state was a
real pleasure. The story is well written, the characters are great and the movie also
features a creepy and well fitting score. The music is dark and really sets the tone
for what you could expect. House is more of a straight mystery rather than a
ghost story plagued with cheap scares or cheesy catch phrases. It relies heavily on
dialog and characters. If you stay focused all the way through then you will be
rewarded. This is one of the most well made entertaining films in its genre.

Overall: 8/10
Genres: Mystery, Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 1959

Runtime: 75 minutes

Studio: Warner Bros.


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