Starring: Nao Omori, Chisato Amate, Koji Chihara, Yuki Oikawa, and Eiki

Director: Masato Tanno

Synopsis: The prequel to Takashi Miike’s Ichii the killer. Ichi 1 tells the
story of a young Ichi in high school and how he became to be the killer he
is now.


When I worked at blockbuster I met a customer there who enjoyed Asian
horror movies as much as I did. He mentioned to me one day that he
owned a copy of the prequel to Ichi the killer. I thought he was talking
about the Anime because thats the only other one I had heard of at the
time, but he told me that it was actually a live action movie. So this nice
customer loaned it to me and also gave me a copy of 'Memento Mori'. I was
a bit disappointed to hear that this movie was not directed by Takashii
Miike but I still looked forward to it being a fan of the original movie.

The movie tells the story of the toughest kid in school and how he feels
mocked by this one boy named Ichi and yet can some how see that this
Ichi is a tough guy. Young Ichi is even taking kick boxing classes and is
getting beat up and teased by the 11 year olds. Then one-day Ichi is being
attacked by the students of a rival high school and in the end they are the
ones who are mysteriously beaten to the point of death. This is in fact a
prequel to Ichii the killer and you would think that this would be a fantastic

It does feature the same actor who played Ichi in the original movie but it
doesn’t add up to the original. The movie did just fly off in a few places
where you just think
'The point of this was?'. There really isn't much action
in the film until the end. The majority of the movie is just about the guy
who likes to fight. Ichi seems like just a side story really. The movie was
only about an hour and twenty minutes long but it felt like I was sitting
there watching for three hours. It took so long just to get to the point.
You can pretty much skip this movie all together. But if you wanna see a
pathetic kid get beaten through out most of the movie then suddenly
smash a guy’s head in then check it out. But there really is no need to
watch it. I guess some people wanted to continue on with the movie, but it
just didn't work out for me.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Action, Thriller

Rated: Unrated

Country: Japan

Year: 2003

Runtime: 83 minutes

Studio: Unearthed


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