Synopsis: A homecare worker comes to the home of a family unknowing of the
horrible events that happened 3 years previously.

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Starring: Okina Megumi, Ito Misaki, Uehara Misa, and Ichikawa Yui


Ju-on: When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage a curse is born. It
gathers and takes effect in the place where that person was alive. Those who
encounter it die and a new curse is born.
Ju-on in English just pretty much
means Grudge Curse. The movie is also a remake of the director’s T.V. version
of the same movie. It starts off about a social worker is assigned to go take
care of elderly woman because the person who usually takes care of her has
gone missing. The old woman’s family also seems to just never be around. She
ends up discovering a young boy in a closet that was duct taped shut. That’s
when things start to get really weird (man I wanted to write this review and don’
t really know what to write).

The movie is basically a few short stories. Mostly about the family that currently
lives in the home then to the social worker then to the cops and then to a
schoolgirl. I know a lot of people had complained about how this movie made no
sense and the American remake The Grudge did. I think that’s because a lot of
people want their stories told straight forward and not through hints of what
happened. The movie does pretty much tell you what happened they are just
not as straight forward about it. They do tell you that the wife was having an
affair and that the father pretty much killed her. Then they hint that perhaps
the son was the first victim of the Ju-on but then in the sequel they kind of tell
you that the husband suddenly died in the middle of the street. Unlike in The
Grudge where the father kills everybody and himself just for the wife being in
love with another man.

I enjoyed this movie because I’m a fan of ghost stories and I remember when
the grudge was coming out I thought it looked just really cool and I had hyped
it up in my mind that it was going to be the best ghost story ever. So I was
pretty much pissed off after I watched in. Then just a little while later Ju-on
came out on DVD I rented it and was pretty pleased with what I saw and
bought it the next day. For me this version was just much scarier. I had actually
turned it off at one point because I got scared which didn’t happen to often for
myself. When I did recommend it to people (when I worked at blockbuster) only
maybe one person came back and said they didn’t like it. The story though was
just really interesting, Takashi Shimizu though had also wrote the screenplay
and directed it. He also co-wrote the screenplay for Ringu. But he remade his
movie 2 times and the third time (The Grudge) just ended up being a
combination of the T.V. version and the theatrical version of Ju-on.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror, Mystery

Rated: R

Country: Japan

Year: 2000

Runtime: 70 minutes

Studio: Lions Gate


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