Synopsis: A movie is being filmed in the dreaded house and the cast and crew
begin to succumb to the curse.

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Starring: Yuuko Daike, Makato Ashikawa, Kahori Fujii, Takako Fuji, and Ryoto


The sequel to Ju-on is actually not available here in America just yet. But my
friend happened to have a copy. I think she said she got it from this type of
Japan Town store that's in San Jose. She let me borrow it but I havn't given it
back yet. Written and Directed by original Ju-on creator, Takashii Shimizu. He
continues his story of murder, curses, and ghosts. What can I say about 'Ju-on
2'? Many people know that the first movie is definitely in my top five favorites
list. This sequel, well not so much. The movie starts off with a couple talking in
a car about her just becoming pregnant and possibly losing her career, then
there's an appearance by Toshio and the car crashes.

Sadly the woman loses her baby and the husband is in a coma. We find out a
bit later that woman is a famous actress filming a new horror movie in, you
guessed it, the cursed house. Told in the same style of short stories. All the
characters are connected to each other but with two common factors, the
movie and the ghosts finding them. I really think this movie had more of a
comedic quality to it. Just a lot of scenes I couldn't help but laugh at. But there
were a few scenes that did scare me. I'm sorry but if there was a wig that fell on
the floor and started following me around I'd freak out. There isn't too much
more information about the family that we didn't already know.

I think they pretty much told all they could in the first movie. The acting in
Ju-On 2 wasn't very effective. I don't think it helped the movie at all. Well I take
that back, the lead actress did a very good job. Not sure how to explain how
but it's probably because she was in another movie that I had enjoyed more
(Premonition). The ending is the weirdest part of the movie (well both parts of
the ending anyways). You just have to watch it to get what I mean. Only die
hard fans of the Ju-On series will enjoy this sequel. For most others it will be
one of those one time things just to get curiosity behind you and go on to see
the sequel to the American version.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller


Country: Japan

Year: 2000

Runtime: 76 minutes

Studio: Lions Gate


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