Starring: Elias, Nick Basile, Brian A. Bernhard, Chad Bernhard

Directed by: Elias & Tomas Almgren

Story: With tongue so oft planted firmly in cheek, the story follows the
exploits of a bumbling investigative journalist as he struggles to deduce the
truth behind the author, H.P. Lovecraft and his work. Along the way, stories
unfold, pulling him deeper into the mysterious and macabre world of
Lovecraft. Will the journalist finally prevail or will he end up without a clue as


Bravo, bravo! This truly is the work of a genius. I'm just in shock that
somebody came up with this idea. I'm being really honest when I say that it's
about damn time that we got a movie like this, especially one that's inspired
by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Born in 1890, H.P. Lovecraft was a sickly child
whose parents died insane. He's one of the greatest writers known to
mankind (or so I believe). He's considered to be the father of modern horror.
He's written a lot of great stuff, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that he's
had a huge impact on this genre. Lovecraft has inspired so many modern-day
story tellers. I guess you can say that he paved the way for writers like
Stephen King, Clive Barker, Anne Rice etc. Even though he died in 1937 you
still see his name and work in the most common places. Most of the time I
see it in video stores, right in the horror section.

His stories are still being adapted today, and this movie pretty much proves
that. Actually I wouldn't even call this a movie, I call this a fun learning
experience. I didn't know what I was in for by the time I got the DVD. Now
that I've watched it all the way through, I'm glad that my time didn't go to
waste. This is pure entertainment at its best ladies and gentlemen.
LovecraCked the Movie is a comedic documentary featuring interviews and a
batch of short films and scenes inspired by Lovecraft himself. The story
follows the exploits of a bumbling investigative journalist as he struggles to
deduce the truth behind the author and his work. In his journey, stories
unfold, pulling him deeper into the mysterious and macabre world of
Lovecraft. There's even an interview here with Lloyd Kaufman for all you
Troma fans out there to enjoy. There's something for everyone I suppose.

Trust me when I say that this is the perfect movie to watch if you're into the
works of H.P. Lovecraft. I don't think I've ever seen a movie quite like this.
Basically you follow a journalist who's trying to find out the mystery behind
H.P. Lovecraft and his stories. LovecraCked is a comedy, and there are some
really funny scenes in the movie. Most of the humor comes from the
journalist. Most of the time he doesn't get what he hopes for, and as he digs
deeper in his search things just get weird. The short films in LovecraCked feel
like an added bonus. It's flooded with scenes inspired by Lovecraft. If you're
familiar with his work then these short films will make you feel right at home.
I would write a review for each movie presented, but that would take a long
time. Just take my word when I say that they're all fascinating and enjoyable
in their own way.

There's even a scene from 'Re-Penetrator' in here. But I won't go into detail
on that. Overall, I was intrigued and impressed. I give nothing but love and
respect to the individuals that worked on this project. This is one of the best
independent movies I've ever laid my eyes on. It does get slow in parts and
some scenes are just down right crazy, but it's amusing none the less. I
really don't have too much to complain about. I'm pretty good when it comes
to being patient. Bottom line, I was impressed. The DVD is loaded with great
stuff too. If the movies weren't enough for you there's even some really
good bonus stuff here, including music videos and a funny blooper reel. So if
you ever get the chance to pick up this DVD, give it a shot. It may not be
your cup tea, but I found it to be very enjoyable. LovecraCked the Movie is a
mind trip that will keep you busy for the next few days.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy,
Horror, Thriller

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 87 minutes


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