Starring: Henry Thomas, Lucie Laurier, Stacy Grant, Leah Graham, Matt Frewer.

Directed by: Mick Garris

Story: Jamie, a newly divorced young man who creates artificial flavors for the
food industry, suddenly and inexplicably starts to experience brief and random
flashes from someone - and somewhere - unknown: sight, sound, smell, touch.
Learning that he's experiencing life through the senses of a mysterious woman, he
begins to fall in love with her - without having met her. Eventually, he discovers a
horrifying secret that binds him inexorably with the perfect woman in an erotic,
horrifying dance of death.


Mick Garris and Stephen King have a good working friendship. Mick has brought us
some really great movies, and most of all he’s had his fair share or Stephen King
movie adaptations. Sleepwalkers, the TV movie Shining, Riding the Bullet, my
personal favorite the Stand and even Desperation which premiered on television.
During its run on Showtime they premiered Mick Garris' Masters of Horror short
film, only this time Mick's new movie was King free. Mick Garris wrote and directed
an hour movie called Chocolate, which we fallow a man who is going through a
difficult time up until he starts to have someone elses visions. Of all the Masters of
Horror movies Chocolate is in fact the least horrific. Rather than mixing it up with
extreme blood and gore, Mick focuses on characters and story. Which was both a
hit and miss for in my opinion. It goes to show you that you can have all the blood
and gore in your movie but if you have no story then you're doomed for failure.
The most impressive thing about this movie is that it has such a good story and it
plays out very well. There are very little scenes of horror but it's still a good watch
if you're an open minded viewer.

Chocolate is the story about a man named Jamie who is going through a painful
loss after a divorce. He lives on his own and feels alone due to the breakup and
lack of relationships. Jamie creates artificial flavors for the food industry, he has a
higher sense of smell and taste. Just when Jamie thinks that things are getting
better, his life takes a slight turn. Jamie begins to wake up at night tasting
chocolate. He doesn't know where the taste came from and why he began tasting
the sweets. Soon Jamie starts to have visions, visions of someone. Or to put it
better he's experiencing someone else’s point of view. He can see, smell, hear and
feel what the other person is going through. In this case Jamie figures out that the
visions he's been having are from a woman. Curious as to who the woman is,
Jamie heads to Canada hoping to find the person that he’s psychically linked with.
Going his way to save her and keep her from any more trouble.

I enjoyed this movie, I liked the story a lot and I thought the characters were well
written. Sadly Chocolate doesn't beat out any of the other top movies in the first
Masters of Horror season. Of all the movies in season one Chocolate is the least
horrific not just because of it's little violent content but because it focuses so
much more on story. Chocolate is more of a love story where you fallow a guy
looking for the woman he's somehow psychically linked with. If you haven't
guessed it already the guy fell in love with this woman who he's never met in
person. Sadly when they do meet it isn't pretty. We continue to fallow the main
character as he attempts to ask this lady out on a date hoping to reveal that he's
been seeing what she sees and feeling what she feels (you get the picture). You
notice how when you plan things out, trying to make something perfect, and when
it happens it doesn't go the way you planned? Well our main character experiences
that as he tries to keep his love interest from thinking that he's a pervert who's
trying to get laid. First impressions can be really rough.

The movie does have its fair share of gore and humor, only there is more humor in
this story. As I mentioned earlier in this review, Chocolate focuses more on story
rather than blood and gore. But the gore that they do show in this movie is really
impressive. If you have the ability to make a computer generated shot look real
and effective then you're destined for greatness. Luckily for us the viewers the
most horrific scene in the movie doesn't have any blood or gore at all. Since our
main character Jamie gets to experience what the women is experiencing, well, you
can just imagine the possibilities. There are a few sexually explicit scenes in the
movie and while some of it is humorous the rest is pretty frightening. If you could
put yourself in the main characters shoes then I'm sure you'd be pretty horrified (if
you're a guy that is). This movie, much like Tobe Hooper's Dance of the Dead is a
more character driven film. Chocolate isn't good because of the violence, it's good
because of the story. You get attached to the cool characters that it keeps you
entertained. It's a good movie but I will admit that it has a slow build. You really
have to be patient to let things kick in.

The bonus features on the DVD are great as ever. Since Mick Garris is the
producer of the Masters of Horror series we get a little more bonus features then
the other ones that are out selling in stores. The featurette 'The Sweet Taste of
Fear' is an interview with Mick Garris where he talks about growing up and how he
got into the business. 'Working With A Master' is the featurette where they
interview some cast members from some of Garris' other projects and the 'Behind
The Scenes: The Making of Chocolate' featurette gives you an inside look at the
entire making of the movie. Also included on the DVD are interviews with Henry
Thomas and Lucie Laurier as they talk about their characters and the experience of
being in a Mick Garris film. The most original piece of bonus material is the 'Fantasy
Film Festival: Mick Garris Interviews Roger Corman' featurette. The bonus features
alone make Chocolate worth owning on DVD.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 60 minutes

Studio: Anchor Bay


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