Starring: Steve Archer, Brian Benben, Sonja Bennett, Zoltan Buday, Lisa Marie
Caruk, Julian Christopher, Cinthia Moura

Directed by: John Landis

Story: A cop believes a recent trail of slayings prove that the murderer might
be a creature.


Ladies and gentlemen, I think I may have found the most entertaining Masters
of Horror movie yet. For season one we were treated to one hours movies from
well known horror directors. This movie however was made by somebody who
isn't as familiar in the horror genre. This person has huge list of comedies
under his belt. The person I'm talking about is none other than John Landis.
The guy who brought us the werewolf classic 'An American Werewolf in
London'. He also did this one vampire movie, um, I'm trying to remember what
it was called. I remember that it had Robert Loggia in it and that it didn't make
much money. I can't put my finger on it. Well it's not important anyway, lets
get back to the review. Of all the Masters of Horror DVDs out there, this one is
by far the funniest. Not only is the movie hilarious but the bonus features are
good for a laugh as well. All of this came from the guy who brought us
'Schlock' for god sakes. John Landis' entry in the Masters of Horror series is
called Deer Woman. Judging from the title I think you already know what it's
about, so lets try to make this movie review as interesting as possible.

I’m sure we've all seen 'An American Werewolf in London' and the Michael
Jackson music video 'Thriller'. Unlike his horror movies, Deer Woman would fit
more into the comedy table which John is known very well for. Deer Woman is a
story filled with humor and bizarre events. In Deer Woman we follow a
Detective who is just waiting for something interesting to happen. Detective
Faraday is bored from spending most of his days at the desk dealing with pet
problems. He gets a call about a recent attack which appeared to have been
caused by some wild animal. Being the
"weird calls guy", he goes to the crime
scene along with his friend Jacob Reed. After a close examination they find out
that the animal responsible for these attacks is a deer. But what kind of deer
would have the power to completely mutilate a human being to the point where
you can barely identify the body? This sends Faraday and Reed on a hunt for
both an animal and a supposed woman who was at every one of the crime
scenes. As the search continues nothing makes any sense.

I'm going to try my best to get straight to the point here. Deer Woman is
down right silly. The story is awkward, the concept is ridiculous and the events
that take place are funny. But that's the beauty of it, it was made exactly with
"silly" in mind. The humor was in Deer Woman before production even began.
John Landis is obviously more of a comedy director. He's the guy that brought
us The Kentucky Fried movie, Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Three
Amigos, Coming to America and so on. It's no surprise that Deer Woman just
so happens to be the funniest entry in Masters of Horror. Landis has done
many wonderful comedies and this movie just adds to his list of
accomplishments. Deer Woman is a comedy with a monster thrown into the
mix. A lot of the other Masters of Horror movies come from books and short
stories. The monster in this tale however comes from an old Indian myth. Deer
Woman was written by John's son Max, so you can say that Deer Woman is
fairly original when you compare it to all the others.

The movie was well written and features a great cast of characters. The humor
in Deer Woman plays out well only because of the actors. As I mentioned earlier
in my review the story to Deer Woman is ridiculous. Even so that the
characters thought their situations in the movie were ridiculous. These cops are
trying to solve some grisly murder cases and the traces of evidence only lead to
one possible scenario. They all happen as if they were animal attacks. Traces of
deer hair and DNA are left behind and none of it makes sense. The cops are
having a hard time putting together the pieces of the puzzle. So the lead
heroes spend most of the movie trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
If you haven't guessed already the monster in this movie is of course a Deer
Woman. A woman who looks beautiful (stunningly hot I should say) but from
the waste down she is built like a deer, with hooves that pack a lot of strength.
The Deer Woman randomly selects here victims, screws them and then chops
them into mince meat. If that doesn't sound funny or ridiculous to you then
you must be hard to please. The funniest thing about the Deer Woman is that
she carries no motive, so you may find yourself asking the "why" question

If it were not for the performances of the actors the movie would be tasteless.
I will admit though, some of the acting seemed rushed. Rushed to where it
appeared that the actors had very little time to rehearse. Of all the Masters of
Horror movies this one is by far the most entertaining. The characters build up
the humor and drive the story. The filming for Deer Woman was influenced by a
much older picture called 'The Cat People'. In one of the scenes in Deer Woman
the main character is walking on the sidewalk and feels that someone is
following him. This exact same scene occurred in the movie Cat People, and
now that I think about it the story isn't too far off from Deer Woman either.
Call it a ripoff if you'd like, I call it thievery in the sense that Landis is paying
tribute to one of his favorite movies. The funniest scene in Deer Woman is also
the most horrifying. I wont go straight into details but lets just say that one of
the main characters in the movie has a tragic/drunken fate. That's all I will say,
I'm sure I spoiled some of it already but that's just how the story goes. I wont
tell you how it ends. Just see if for yourself and have a good time.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA

Year: 2005


Studio: Anchor Bay


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