Starring: Dexter Bell, Beverley Breuer, Wanda Cannon, Sean Carey, Candus
Churchill, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Jason Emanuel, Thea Gill

Directed by: Joe Dante

Story: A publicity official for the U.S. Army finds that he might have to be
working a lot more than he imagined, when the deceased soldiers of the war
come back to life, looking for a few good men.


As we all know ladies and gentlemen, dead men tell no tales. But what if the
dead really could? What if our fallen soldiers were able to come back? How
would they feel? What would they say? There are so many questions that need
answers. It's hard to find the truth under all the lies and deception. I'm sure
that if any parent could make one wish they would use it to bring back the ones
they've lost. It's a shame that things like this only happen in the movies. We as
human beings have a right to an opinion. Not everyone’s is the same and we
often disagree with each other from time to time. But I think that its safe to
say that having our own thoughts and feelings is apart of being a person.
Thats what makes us human in the first place. If you're wondering where I'm
going with this, you'll find out in just a second. The movie I'm currently
reviewing is Joe Dante's Homecoming. Based on Dale Bailey's award-winning
short story 'Death & Suffrage', Homecoming features a large group of soldiers
who are mysteriously brought back from the dead after being killed in "the
war". Rather than eating brains and flesh, these zombies are back for a whole
different purpose. After being cheated and lied to, the dead soldiers take action
and are determined to vote for any new President who will end the current war.

If the plot sounds oddly familiar then you pretty much get the idea. Of all the
Masters of Horror movies this one to me seemed the most realistic. Not
because of the zombies but for the political stand point. Think of it like one of
George Romero's zombie movies. It has a political message and the opinions of
the writers are shown on screen. Joe Dante has brought us some great movies
over the years. I mean who could ever forget the classic werewolf movie the
Howling? It's one of those movies that will always be cherished in the hearts of
horror fanatics everywhere. Homecoming is a movie that has a strong political
message portraying different political characters some what based on real
people. Each have their own set of opinions and judgments. The horror in
Homecoming comes straight from the concept. You have a group of undead
who are fighting for a revolution because they were lied to and lost their lives
because of it. Then there's the group of faceless characters who try to do
everything to stop this threat. Doing
"whats best for America" even though
they could really give a damn about what the American people think. Its a no
brainer that those characters are the bad guys of this story. The real monsters
in this story are human beings.

Unlike some of the other previous zombie movies, these zombies don't eat
people. They're only there for one purpose, and that's to vote. The zombies in
this film are the good guys. The bad guys are the administration (who could
have guessed). We all know the message and we know for a fact what it's
exploiting. It's biased and there are parts of the movie that come out way too
strong. Homecoming has an anti-war message, the whole
"life isn't a game"
aspect plays out very well. Although Homecoming has an anti-war message, it
still pays respect to the troops. The lead character in the movie is sincere and
you feel for the situation that he's in. He's more neutral than any of the other
faceless bastards in the movie. He's a good guy but he makes all these horrible
decisions because it's his job. He was once a speech writer for the president
and he's known as the smartest guy in DC. The imagery in Homecoming is very
powerful. Some of it will open eyes and some will offend certain viewers. It's all
a matter of ones personal opinion. This movie is incredibly biased, it's a tongue
in cheek political satire.

Homecoming is controversial to say the least. The idea of having dead soldiers
come back seems strange. But when you stop to think about it that’s how
most horror films are. They're like dreams, well more like nightmares actually.
Just thinking of zombies voting is too funny to even imagine. But in
Homecoming its no laughing matter. There is a point to everything, you wont
find humor here. You feel for the zombie characters. You feel for their loss and
you understand why they're trying to stop the government in their tracks.
There are so many scenes in Homecoming that leave such a strong impression.
Its just too hard to ignore, the symbolism is strong. I’m actually glad to say
that Homecoming is a great addition to the Masters of Horror series. Much like
Mick Garris' Chocolate, this episode isn't one to watch for the blood and gore.
Homecoming has good story and great cast of characters, that's the main
focus. If you know your history or if you're just against the war in Iraq then
you'll definitely enjoy Homecoming. If not, then it just may be the exact
opposite. Like I said it's all a matter of ones personal opinion.

Each Masters of Horror director gets to shoot an hour long movie. Joe Dante
took advantage of the freedom and decided to do something important. This
film is the most serious of all the Masters of Horrors. There is little to no humor
and it deals with the problems of today. A lot of it comes out too strong which
is why I decided to go ahead and give it an eight in my review. I enjoyed
Homecoming a lot, it's one of my favorite episodes. Watching it for the first
time on Showtime was great. Owning it on DVD is just as sweet. Even if you're
not really into the Masters of Horror series I still recommend adding Joe Dante's
Homecoming into your collection. The bonus features on this disc alone make it
worth the price. Unlike all the other Masters of Horror movies where it feels like
you're watching tall tales, this one deals with real problems and struggles. This
aspect is what makes Homecoming a great movie. The message is there, it's all
in the dialog. You can agree with it or not, it doesn't matter anyway. Let's not
forget that it's all just movie.

Overall: 8/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA

Year: 2005


Studio: Anchor Bay


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