Starring: Bree Turner, Angus Scrimm, John De Santis and Ethan Embry.

Directed by: Don Coscarelli

Story: When Ellen's car breaks down on a deserted mountain road in the
middle of nowhere, she encounters a monster-like man who is intent on
killing her. Ellen will not go down without a fight and the game of cat-and-
mouse soon shifts as Ellen fights back.


We anxiously waited for Showtime to premiere the Masters of Horror show. I
remember back when the series was first announced. My first initial thoughts
"wow, that's the perfect idea for a horror anthology show". The
masters of the genre themselves each directing a one hour movie? It was all
too good to be true. What was even more impressive were the list of
directors attached to the project. Now that the first season has ended and
Anchor Bay is releasing them on DVD, I can finally take a deep breath, and
prepare for what's next. Showtime promised us that this new anthology
series would have blood, violence and pure mayhem. I'm proud to say that
they delivered what they promised and I'm really looking forward to the
future of Masters of Horror. The movie that started it all and kicked off the
first season was Incident on and off a Mountain Road. Directed by Don
Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep) this movie tells the story of a woman
who gets into a car accident on a dark and quiet mountain road. After the
accident the woman is knocked out cold and when she wakes up she realizes
that there is a madman out in the woods. Desperately trying to survive the
woman runs into the woods to escape the clutches of Moonface, the ugly
man with a huge knife and a thirst for fresh blood.

If the plot sounds very familiar to you its because it's actually based on the
short story by Joe Lansdale. Joe Lansdale also wrote the Bubba Ho-Tep story
we all love and hearing about Don working on another piece from Joe's
stories was great. You knew he was going to do something good with it. Don
Coscarelli sure had his ups and downs in his career but after seeing his entry
in the series I knew that he was on the right track. Unlike most horror films
which involve the same kind of plot, the characters in this film are really
different. You have your typical horror movie setup where you fallow a
woman running in the woods from some ugly killer. The difference with
Incident is that the main character in this story actually has brains, and uses
them to her advantage. She uses survival training that her husband taught
her to actually keep the killer on his toes. She ends up creating traps in the
woods to try and slow down the killer, making it a hard game of cat and
mouse. Of all the things I liked about this movie, the thing that struck me
most was that they took a simple and played out plot and went into a whole
different direction. Not to mention there are two different stories being told in
the movie. Most of the time you fallow the main character, but there are
moments where you get to see the back story. The back story is there to
give you a better understanding of what's happening.

You can always teach your old dog new tricks and Don Coscarelli's Incident
on and off a Mountain Road doesn't fall into the hole of clichés or bad jokes.
The entire movie is about one thing, survival. It's a brilliant take on the
slasher genre and you can't go wrong with the story, it's just great and
innovative. The movie is much longer than the actual written short when you
compare the two. Both Don Coscarelli and Stephen Romano added more into
the actual telling of the story to extend it to at least an hour. The back story
is good and the twist near the end is remarkably satisfying. Once you get to
the end you'll realize that it all makes total sense. If you think that this is a
straight forward and typical slasher movie, then you're dead wrong. There's
more to it, much more. They set it up to where you think it's all going to be
about a female running away from a psycho with a knife. It drastically
changes on you and near the middle you wont know who's the predator and
who's the pray.

The characters in the movie are good and lovable, especially with Angus
Scrimm (Tallman) playing an old man who just doesn't seem to ever shut his
mouth. They did a good job with the casting and the writing. I must say that
this was a very impressive first entry in the Masters of Horror series. The
movie does start of pretty slow but once the accidents start, the horror just
doesn’t stop. There are some pretty cool flashback moments which give you
a better understanding on the back story and the whole survival bit.
Anything can happen at anytime, and this movie proves it. The entire film
runs at a slow but steady pace and it's sure to keep you entertained. The
story is great and the twist makes the movie worth watching again. Incident
was the right movie to kick start the first season of Masters of Horror. The
cat and mouse scenes are good and enjoyable till the very end. The bonus
features on the DVD are great as well. Not much of a difference from all the
other DVDs since it contains the same features. Be sure to check out the
commentary tracks, they're great stuff. If you have yet to see a Masters of
Horror movie, then Don Coscarelli's Incident on and off a Mountain Road
would be a good start to get you into the series.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 51 minutes

Studio: Anchor Bay


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