Review done by: Nightmare Child
Starring: Akira Takarada, Yuriko Hoshi, Hiroshi Koizumi, Yu Fujiki, Emi Ito

Directed by: Ishirô Honda

Story: A greedy developer unwittingly hatches a gigantic baby moth upon
Tokyo, while Godzilla strikes once again.


After his giant battle with King Kong, the monster known as Godzilla returns.
Only this time, he's up against a giant moth who's preventing him from
attacking more civilians. In 1964, the Toho Company released the fourth movie
in the Godzilla series, "Mothra Vs. Godzilla." Known in the United States as
"Godzilla Vs. The Thing," the film was a product of the celebrated creative team
of Shinichi Sekizawa (screenplay), Ishirô Honda (human drama), and Eiji
Tsuburaya (special effects). Mothra Vs. Godzlla is known by fans everywhere as
"Godzilla's finest hour," for its good sound effects, tone and script. It's also the
most popular and memorable film in the franchise. Mothra Vs. Godzilla is widely
considered to be the best of all the sequels. Watching it again after so many
years, I find that statement to be very true. This is one of the best Godzilla
movies out there. If you want to see Godzilla in his prime, then this is the
movie you have watch; for it truly is his finest hour.

After a giant typhoon hits Tokyo, a news reporter named Sakai and his
photographer Junko take pictures of the damage. Later that same day, the
local villagers discover a giant monster egg washed ashore on the beach. The
villagers salvage it and scientists come to study the egg. No one knows whose
egg it is and where it came from. While Sakai and Junko try to ask Professor
Miura questions about the egg, an entrepreneur of Happy Enterprises named
Kumayama scurries the scientists off and explains that he bought the egg from
the local villagers. Instead of letting scientists study the egg, Kumayama wants
to make it apart of a tourist attraction. Kumayama wants to make more cash
by having customers pay to see the giant egg hatch. Sakai, Junko, and
Professor Miura are disgusted by the idea and believe that Kumayama has no
right to keep the egg. As Kumayama discusses the tourist attraction with his
boss, they are visited by two tiny twin girls.

The two girls explain that they are from Infant Island and that the egg belongs
to a monster named Mothra. The twins later leave with nothing after pleading
with the two men on giving the egg back. The twins then turn to the
newspaper journalists for help, but still fail. Later, Sakai, Junko, and Professor
Miura then go out testing for radioactivity in an industrial area. That's when
Godzilla suddenly pops out of the beach (where he supposedly left off after his
fight with King Kong) and begins to attack the surrounding cities. With very
little hope that the military will defeat Godzilla, another reporter suggests that
the friendly Mothra might be able to get rid of the monster. Sakai, Junko, and
Professor Miura then head to infant island to warn the villagers that Mothra's
egg might be in danger, resulting in a climatic battle between Mothra and

This was one of the many Godzilla movies I remembered watching as a kid.
Back then I was always fascinated with Godzilla, so I was pretty heart broken to
see him defeated at the hands of Mothra's babies. I was young at the time, so I
wasn't as into the story. I always figured that Godzilla was a good guy, so I
was really ticked off when I first saw this movie. It wasn't until I got older that I
realized Godzilla was the bad guy. In fact, the early movies presented Godzilla
as a menace. A punishment for the sins of World War 2. A result from the
fallout of a hydrogen bomb test. A giant fire breathing villain with a sweet tooth
for destruction (alright you get the idea). The other monster in the movie,
Mothra, is actually a nice creature. A sort of "love" monster if you will. This film
marks the first appearance of Mothra in the Godzilla series. Mothra would later
appear in many other Godzilla films.

Mothra Vs. Godzilla is one of the key movies in the Godzilla franchise, due
mostly to its popularity. It's one of my all time favorite monster movies. It has
a great story, a good cast of characters and a great script. It's top notch
compared to many other films in the series. If this isn't already in your
collection then you should be ashamed of yourself. Mothra Vs. Godzilla is a
must own for monster movie and Godzilla buffs alike. Much like the previous
re-releases, Genius Products attached both the original Japanese-language and
English-dubbed versions of the movie. As always, the Japanese cut of the
movie is better (and less confusing). Once again it's not jam packed with bonus
material, but there is a commentary track and "Akira Ifukube biography"
featurette. If you're looking for a great monster movie then look no further.
The Toho Master re-release of Mothra Vs. Godzilla is one that you must have in
your collection.

Overall: 9/10
Genres: Action, Drama,

Rated: Not Rated

Country: Japan

Year: 1964

Runtime: 88 minutes

Studio: Genius Products


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