Genres: Action, Horror,

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 85 minutes

Studio: Belladonna

Review done by: Eloquent Corpse
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Starring: Nick Damici, Kim Blair, Ron Brice, Bo Corre, Tim House, Larry
Fleischman, Larry Medich, Javier Picayo

Directed by: Jim Mickle

Synopsis: A deadly infection breaks out in Manhattan, causing humans to
devolve into blood-thirsty rat creatures. Six recently evicted tenants must
survive the night and protect their downtown apartment building as the
city quickly spirals out of control.


The story for Mulberry Street takes place on that very street in downtown
Manhattan, in a lower class district. On this street though the citizens have
learned to pull together, especially the main character Clutch; a boxer
whose training habits die hard. Movie opens with him jogging down
Mulberry St. Giving you a good idea of the layout where the story will take
place. Above Clutch you find a bartender named Kay whom lives with her
teenage son, its obvious she has eyes for Clutch. Through the movie a
tango between the two slowly takes place as a threatening sinister force
tramples through the sewers, listening to the folks of Mulberry St. Through
their walls, waiting to spread like an infection. A infection is exactly what
those well known, giant sewer rats in New York spread.

There are a lot of vague answers about the disease, you get the idea the
film maker wanted to focus more on being in the dark about it, much like
the characters the movie fallows. It starts with a radio in one apartment, a
news broadcast in another, telling the citizens of Manhattan not to worry, a
infection has been spread in a subway and they are taking care of it. Soon
the infection spreads all through Mulberry St. worming its way into the
close nit individuals that live in the apartment where Clutch lives. People
who become infected with the disease end up becoming cold and clammy,
have a lose of appetite, grow long brown hairs out of their body in
straggles; eventually they end up adopting similar features to the rats. A
psychopathic rage, animalistic in many traits, much like their appearance
drives them crazy, biting and tearing at entrails, murderously destroying
those they use to call friends.

In many ways this movie reminds me of Danny Boyles 28 Days Later, in the
hectic gritty movement of the rat infected peoples blood-thirsty chase
scenes. Especially sense the director and the story focus on the characters
at the beginning of the movie, when everything for the tenants on Mulberry
St. starts to go sour you feel a lot more of a sense of emergency then you
normally would. This is a film that should be watched and I for one look
forward to Jim Mickle, the director of Mulberry Streets next project.
Through the developed characters comes an urgent sense of impending
dread through the whole film. When the army sense the message of
marshal law, all the way up to the struggle of survival near the end.

Overall: 7/10
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