Starring: Steve Polites, Katie Sirk, Samuel Klein, Ariana Almajan, Vince
Eustace, Max Hambleton

Directors: Robert Harari

Synopsis: A group of teenagers invent a game in which one of them is
secretly chosen to be a "killer," while the others remain innocent victims.
Armed with prop weapons, the "killer" must eliminate the other players
before being found out. To enhance their experience, the teens sneak into
a large self-storage warehouse during its closed, late-night hours to hold
their game. At first, it's better than ever. But, things take a horrific turn as
one by one, the players begin dying...for real.


The Murder Game is about a group of teenage friends who play this game
they made up where one is secretly dealt the card to be the killer. They
have a small inventory of weapons and the killer must get them all
eliminated before they are found out. The kids parents can’t understand
why they would want to play such a morbid game entailing death and forbid
them to play it at the house. They all sit around bored trying to find some
way to play with out being bothered or having a parent freaking out. The
next day they fill in their friend Lucy who is very excited to get in that
building and play the game. Her goth cousin Collin is staying with her family
since he was expelled from his last school. Lucy’s father is some sort of
drill sergeant type who will get the kid inline by tough love.

They all decide to sneak into a local self storage warehouse and hide until
the computerized lock mechanism shuts the place down for the night. Eric
makes them all hand over their cell phones and he puts them in a bag off
where no one will be tempted to use them. The game is going great until
real blood begins to spill and the gang is trying to find out which of them is
the real killer. They find a room made up in one of the self storage spaces
that showed what looked to be like a bum was squatting there. Will anyone
survive this game where death is creeping up slowly towards them hoping
to get each and every last one of them? Is it the bum who is bloodying up
the cemented floors in there or is it just a teen who has completely lost
their mind?

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror


Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 87 minutes

Studio: 500 Pieces Films


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