Starring: Troy McFadden, Carole Derrien, Laurent Guyon, Jeso Vial, Morrigan

Directed by: Paul Burrows

Story: An undercover French cop and an American art critic travel to a
mystical island to verify the source of a painting of a scene that only the
infamous "Marseilles Monster" serial killer could have created.


I enjoy watching crime thrillers. I often associate crime thrillers with the
horror genre, because I feel that murder and other forms of vicious crime is
horrific to begin with. Take one of my favorite films for example, 'Saw'. I felt
that Saw was more of a crime thriller than a straight laced horror film. I enjoy
good stories and plot twists, but only if they make sense. I can't stand
movies that confuse you. The last time I got a taste of that was while
watching Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia. I enjoyed the movie, but man it
was confusing. Speaking of confusing thrillers, I'm here to talk about one
that I recently caught a glimpse of. The film is Paul Burrows' Nature Morte. If
you enjoy art, sex and death, then Nature Morte may be your cup of tea. It's
not mine, that's for damn sure. As much as I liked the story, I couldn't follow
the movie for its entire 90 minute run. Somewhere down the line I just lost
touch with the story. What I ended up with was a confusing mixed bag of
blood and art. I suppose not everyone is a great artist.

In the movie we follow an undercover French cop and an American art critic
who travel to find the answers to the mystery of a serial killer's last painting.
John Stephenson was a well known artist who was infamous for his deadly
works of art. He has killed more than 10 women and used their blood for his
paintings. At the last crime scene, police also found the artist's body. It
appeared that the man shot himself after killing his last victim. Later, police
discovered one of his so called "unfinished paintings" which seems to
resemble an already finished piece from an unknown artist. The police figured
that Stephenson either had a partner in crime or somebody has been copying
his work. That's when the undercover cop and art dealer travel to a mystical
island to verify the source of the painting. While on "vacation" they encounter
another deadly artist who may have a connection with the other murders.

When it comes to Nature Morte, I really don't have much to say. So I'll
squeeze out as much information as I can. The thing that caught my
attention from the beginning was plot. I enjoyed the story very much and I
somehow expected some sort of twist near the end. Nature Morte does have
some twists here and there. The problem is that it gets very confusing. Every
25 minutes we're introduced to a new character, who ends up doing nothing
but make the story less enjoyable. I found the characters in Nature Morte to
be irritating. The main characters especially, they make very lousy decisions
to the point where I didn't care if the lived, died or solved the mystery.
Nature Morte mixes together death and art. Both of which seem to make a
great combination. The killer's in the film love to go on drug endorsed trips
and paint. They torture women and they paint pictures with their blood.

Speaking of drugs, that's my biggest pet peeve with the movie. The movie
has a few scenes in which the characters do drugs that causes the scene
itself to lose focus and run slow. In my opinion, the film suffered from this.
All the drug endorsed scenes really bothered me because they took up too
much time. It didn't help that they ran very slowly. The only memorable stuff
in Nature Morte are the death scenes. That's probably the only thing I liked
about the movie besides the story. And to be honest that's not saying much.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that Nature Morte isn't a movie you have to
watch. I wont even give this a second viewing, even though I didn't
understand most of it. You can spend your time watching something that's
more enjoyable. Nature Morte isn't really worth the 90 minutes.

Overall: 4/10
Genres: Thriller

Rated: Not Rated

Country: UK

Year: 2006

Runtime: 89 minutes

Studio: NM Productions


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