Starring: Jason Scott Campbell, Nicole Roderick, Amin Joseph, Noah Weisberg,
Jennifer Carta.

Directed by: Dylan Bank

Story: On the brink of madness, a director's only recourse is to make a movie of
the savage murders he believes he committed.


While we were at Shockerfest this year we got to check out some really cool
independent flicks. Some were short, some were creepy and some were just
down right funny. But to me the one that stood out the most was a film called
Nightmare. Nightmare is a psychosexual horror film directed by Dylan Bank.
Nightmare is the latest production from NYC-based indie film company, Merlion
Entertainment. At Shockerfest we were able to meet with Whitney Hoagland
(Exec. Procuder) and Dylan Bank (director) and they told us to check out the
premiere of the film. So we attended, then after it was all over we were very
impressed. In the movie we follow a young film student in the middle of a party.
He then meets a mysterious actress and soon they end up sleeping together.
When they both wake up they find a camera right next to the bed. Once played,
the tape reveals acts of murder and terror. Both of them are sure that they
didn't do anything that crazy, so they both question the acts on the tape. Sadly
the aspiring director doesn't have time to investigate and leaves it aside so that
he can make it to a very important class.

Once he fails to pitch a plot to his class, he plans to make a new film based on
the events which have been happening around him. Its safe to say that
Nightmare is the perfect title for this movie. There are a lot of moments in this
film which will leave you questioning what’s real and what’s a dream. It can get
pretty confusing but overall its not that hard to figure out. This movie is like
nothing I’ve ever seen before. Nightmare is one of those horror films that will
have you thinking from the minute it starts. Not only is the plot great but the
overall look of the film is marvelous. The acting in this film is one of the best that
I’ve seen coming from an independent horror film. Its a no brainer why this movie
has many award nominations. Not only did they pick a great cast of actors for
this one but the score to this movie is very enjoyable. Every scene is just as
enjoyable as the really cool finale at the end. The movie has some good suspense
and even some humor which should keep the viewers attention going.

Dylan Bank wanted to take the average horror film a step further. Much like what
Alfred Hitchcock did with the movie Psycho. I believe Dylan Bank did a fantastic
job in not only doing that, but also giving us fans something that we haven't
seen too much of before. Nightmare isn't a slasher with a killer walking around in
a mask. Its a film that’s built on suspense, story and drama and it really works.
Sure it can get confusing, but I think that’s one of the reasons why its called
Nightmare. Overall I had a really good time watching this movie. I loved the story
and I thought it was well casted. The acting is really good and the music definitely
sets the mood. This is one of those horror films that will keep you thinking. This
is a great looking film and its something that I would watch all over again.
Nightmare is a really good independent horror film, definitely worth checking out if
you're looking for something different and entertaining.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Independent
Horror, Thriller

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2005


Studio: Merlion Films
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