Genres: Drama, Horror,


Country: USA

Year: 2008

Runtime: 89 minutes

Studio: Scheck Media


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Review done by: Jonny Cage
Starring: Nitzan Mager, Phillip Ward, Amanda Taylor, Elyse Rodriguez,
James D. Ballard, Jessie Cobb, Daniel Marin, Anthony McIntyre, Hunter
McIntyre, Pudge Phillips, Jason Pierce

Directed by: Roger A. Scheck

Story: Some little girls grow up bad but some are just born that way. Alice
came into the world unloved. Bouncing from foster home to foster home
she never experienced love in even the most basic of ways. As Alice
changed from child into a woman she still failed to receive that fairytale
romance she so desperately needed. Try as she may to find that love it
seems to be just out of reach. As those poor misfortunate souls that fail
to requite her love they pay for it with a world of pain and torture.


Alice is a shy, self-oriented, homey-looking woman who is not much of a
conversationalist. She befriends Abby and Megan who end up using her to
test Abby’s fiancé loyalty. The joke’s on them when the situation takes a
dire turn when Alex goes missing. Alice lends no aid in their search for
Alex; however, since she is the last person to see him alive, they are
suspicious. What transpires is a cluster-bleep of torture and a psychotic
mania that rivals most true stories of its nature. I first heard of this film
when the operator of the official MySpace page for the movie sent me a
friend request. I was intrigued at first glimpse. From there, gosh, it’s just a
blur of blood and psychosis. Not only was the movie wicked bad-ass, it was
smart. This is not something you see a lot from A-list films.

Most big-budget features are more preoccupied with which popular actor to
inappropriately cast in a movie they have no reason being in. For all of you
out there who have not discovered the wonders of the B-rate horror
scene, get…off…your…ASS! The story portrayed here is one that I have
never seen before. The basis of the story, yes but, not the compounding
of dynamics. Not only was this film smart, like I stated earlier, but it was
brilliantly executed. One of the cornerstones of this dynamic was the
replacement of the stereotypical male-oriented protagonist. The Alice
character was one of the most disturbing persona's that I’ve ever had the
privilege to witness. Not only was this character masterfully executed,
which I will get to later, it was written with a Shakespearian-like grace.

Even though the character was extremely disturbed, mentally and
emotionally, there was still a grace about her that made the viewer almost
feel some morsel of pity. The acting was good for the most part. I was not
terribly thrilled with Amanda Taylor’s performance; it just seemed like she
was trying too hard. I gotta hand it to her though, she’s gorgeous. And
what a rack! This is some Grade-A toobage here people…believe me. But,
sticking to the issue, I think that Nitzan Mager stole the show, figuratively
speaking. I know that she was the main character and all but, even if she
was not on the screen, I was constantly wondering what she was up to.
She was so compelling that she actually gave me chills. Yes, her acting gave
me chills!

Watching her snap from sweet-Alice to psycho-Alice and back again was
just amazing. It reminded me a lot of that movie The Stepfather (1987)
with Terry O'Quinn; when he’s in the basement flipping out and screaming
and his step-daughter comes down and in the snap of the fingers he goes
back to being a loving, docile father. I think the thing that creeps me out
the most about that concept is how someone can just turn their “crazy” on
and off without even blinking. Shutter. The gore and effects in this feature
were very well done. It seems that these SFX companies, who work in the
B-rate horror business, take more pride in their work than most A-list-
oriented companies.

There is a love there…a respect…a level of expertise that most would give
their left nut for (or the female equivalent for you hard-core, Scream
Queens). It’s another one of those ingredients in the dynamic I spoke of
before; gore can make or break a film like this. If you have too much gore,
people will laugh or be drawn away from a potentially excellent story; if you
have too little, your gruesome point won’t be made; if it’s done sloppily,
people will not take it seriously. There are many factors to account for in
this area, and when they are all properly utilized and married, you get a film
like this.

From start to finish I was captured. I enjoyed watching Alice’s anti-segue
into her own psychotic breaks, watching her take out frustrations on
human flesh, and finally having a female “bad guy”. I think that this film
won’t get the recognition it deserves, and that’s just due to lack of
exposure. That’s why I try to help any way I can; even if it means just
doing a review. People, listen to me…yes, some of the big-budget films out
there are very well done and are deserving of there fortunes but, there is
another world here; a world where passion and artistry reign supreme. The
world of B-rate horror has so much to offer and it is being underutilized. If
you can handle the occasional poor acting, get with it!

Overall: 8/10
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