Starring: Liev Schreiber, Julia Stiles, Josh Hutcherson, Mia Farrow, David Thewlis,
Pete Postlethwaite

Directed by: John Moore

Story: The prophecy is clear, the signs unmistakable: Armageddon is upon us. A
young boy named Damien, the son of an American diplomat and his wife, lives
unaware he is destined to become the Anti-Christ - until shattering events reveal
the terrifying truth.


The world is ending. Don't you see it? The signs are all around you. They said the
exact same thing thirty years ago, but we're still here. Isn't that funny? Of all the
things we've done to this land, to this planet, we're still here. Things are just
getting worst. Especially in the film industry. You know how I know so? Because
the major movie studios are going back and remaking some of our favorite
classics. Most of it is for the money, taking movies that we loved as kids and
giving it an upgrade to try and please todays generation of movie goers with a
story that was attractive and lovable many years back. The movie I'm reviewing
right now is the perfect example of that. While some remakes run to a different
direction, others are just clones. The same story is told, just with different actors.
That's exactly what the Omen remake is, a clone. Actually no it's not a clone, thats
too common of a word. The Omen (2006) is basically a cover song. Most of us
grew up with the original Omen, it really is one of the greatest horror movies ever
made. The thought of it being remade was hurtful. I was really hurt by the idea of
it being a disaster. Luckily for myself and for others who grew up with this story,
this new adaptation turned out to be pretty good.

In the Omen we fallow Robert Thorn, an American who is later to be appointed
ambassador of Great Britain. When his wife Katherine gives birth to a stillborn
child he is given the option of adopting a new one the very same day. Without the
knowledge of who the parents are he agrees to take the child as his own without
breaking the truth to his wife. Robert and Katherine raise young Damien as their
own. Feeding him, bathing him and giving him all the love in the world. Five years
go by and everything seems normal. Up until Damien's fifth birthday where weird
grisly deaths began to occur. While this is happening Robert starts to receive
warnings about the evil that is to come, and his wifes new pregnancy. It is
revealed later that Robert is literally raising the Anti-christ. Damien is the child who
is prophesized to bring hell on earth. Bent on stopping the child Robert uses the
help of a photographer to piece together the puzzles and figure out a way to end
it all.

Wait a minute, I've heard this before. Isn't this the exact same movie I reviewed
not too long ago? Oh wait that's right, I used the same paragraph from my other
Omen review. Why? Because it's the same thing. The events that take place are
the same, the characters are the same and it's the same story. Other than a few
added scenes the only real big changes in this were the actors and the musical
score. That, and the death scenes were more elaborate and gruesome. If it were
not for the date of 6/6/06, we wouldn't have this movie. It's a ironic yet smart
way of cashing in on the date. Apparently this marketing scheme is working. They
did the same exact thing when the 20th Century Fox screened the original movie
thirty years ago. The date works, it catches everyone's attention. Somehow I
knew we were going to see this movie remade sooner or later. I just think that it
wasn't really necessary. I'm sick of it, I hate attaching dates to movies. I hate
having to explain to my friends that it's been done before. I hate having to
educate others that are curious and unfamiliar. Why should I go and spend my
money on something that I have at home already? After watching this movie I felt
that I waisted my money. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the movie, it's just that
I've seen it before and I already own it. It's the same story, just told by different
actors reading from a smarter script.

The major problem I had with this movie was that it dragged, big time. For me it
took too long to get to the point, and that's coming from someone who watched
the original movie as a kid. I grew up on the Omen and it's one of those movies I
hold close to my heart. I've seen it some many times and after reading all the early
reviews to this new one I didn't expect it to blow my mind. The Omen spawned
many sequels with very interesting stories, but none of them ever had the same
feeling or tone as the original. Since I knew what to expect I ended up waiting for
things to speed up. There is so much dialog and very little action in the Omen. The
story was what attracted me to the original in the first place, but this movie
seemed to have taken those old scenes and stretched them out. Like I said before
I've seen this already, I own it at home and I'm very familiar with it. What this
remake does offer however are a few new surprises. The death scenes in the
movie are almost the same, just much smarter and more elaborate. A few of these
scenes are changed so even if you've seen the old movie you'll be in for a ride.
The same characters die, just in different ways. The look of the movie was
fantastic. The scenery is great and the use of colors and lighting were
unbelievable. It's no surprise that the Omen is a beautiful looking movie.

If you haven't seen the original then you may enjoy this remake more than I did. I
knew what was going to happen and most of the time I waited for the movie to
pick up speed. Usually what they do with these remakes is that they make them
faster and more intense, which helps keep the younger generation from falling
asleep or losing interest. That aspect isn't present in the Omen remake. I
expected it to be much faster but it was the exact opposite. The movie runs at a
much more slower pace, even when you compare it to the original. It's takes much
longer to get to the point. That's difficult when you would figure it would run
much faster than a movie that made it's debut nearly thirty years ago. It goes to
show you that the makers behind this movie didn't want to go that route where
it's a stand alone film. They made damn sure that it's in the same spirit as the old
movie (and I don't blame them, it's a great story) and when you compare the two
it's almost the same exact picture. Which is why I feel as if I wasted my money.
When I think of the new Omen I think of it as like a cover song. It's the same
tune, just different band. That's the perfect way of explaining this movie.
Watching this made me want to go back home and watch the old one all over

The casting isn't all that bad either. Liev Schreiber was a great choice to take the
role of Robert Thorn. Julia Stiles on the other hand, well, she was actually pretty
good. I can't complain too much, it's just hard to look at an actress who's played
a teenager most of her career take on such a big role. It's sad to see that both
her and Liev have very little chemistry on screen. I couldn't really picture Julia
Stiles as a mother trying to raise a child. I couldn't picture it in the beginning of
the movie and it bothered me the most when the casting was first announced.
When you watch her in the movie she's actually pretty good and capable of much
more. It goes to show you that you can't really judge an actor/actress based on
the work they've done before. These people put a lot of hard work and effort into
their roles, especially when they don't want to mess it up. What I also liked about
this movie was the music. I fell in love with the musical score. It's very dark, gritty
and serious. The musical score in the Omen was great and it really gives it spirit.
It's totally different from Jerry Goldsmith's original piece. When you compare the
music to the original film this movie feels much more darker.

Overall I really enjoyed the Omen, I thought it was good remake. It's in the same
spirit as the original film and it does contain some new jump scares. It's a dark
movie with great scenery and visuals. The acting is good and the music has a life
of its own. I enjoyed the movie even though it's the same thing. It's been done
before and most of you already have it at home. If you've seen the original then
you've seen this one already. The same story is told, just updated for todays
generation of movie goers. It runs at a much slower pace and but when things
finally kick in you'll be happy. Unless you're one of those viewers who have very
little patience and can't stand subtitles. You know who you are and I know you're
out there. If you were one of them then you wouldn't be reading this review. Too
many words, just too much for your taste. If you're one of those impatient
viewers then you wont like this movie. You wont understand it either, trust me.
My best advice for you is to stay in school. Don't watch this movie, it's not loaded
with over the top action or gore so you may be bored and most likely wont
appreciate it either. It's classic story telling mixed with a few new surprises.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Drama, Horror,
Thriller, Remake

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 110 minutes

Studio: 20th Century Fox


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